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3.0.4 is a generic bugfix release.

Server / General[]

  • Prevent player from starting research a new Future Tech, when they have lost ability to research them while researching the previous one osdn#44592
  • Silenced some unused entry warnings when loading saved games osdn#45526 osdn#45527
  • Units lost due to missing shield upkeep are now included to player's lost units count osdn#44887
  • Fixed memory corruption issue when number of continents change due to land to ocean transformation osdn#45768

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fixed illegal range definitions in supplied rulesets osdn#45262
  • Legality of the activities of the units in the surrounding tiles are checked also when city in the tile gets destroyed osdn#45408
  • sandbox
    • Attackers have 50% chance of moving to killed unit's tile after the combat osdn#45154

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Killing gameloss unit by any means now gives loot on rulesets where gameloss_style set so osdn#44672
  • Server now detects invalid requirement range definitions and warns about them. They will be hard errors on a future version osdn#44710
  • Fixed potential crash after an error loading nations ruleset osdn#45537

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Fixed loading savegames from freeciv versions older than 3.0 with Defending Unit Win events in event cache osdn#44809
  • Loading older savegame versions with known research count problems produce less warnings osdn#45344
  • Fixed loading base building orders from savegames older than freeciv-2.3 osdn#45692

Low-level changes[]

  • Fixed potential crash on specfile error handling osdn#45008
  • Fixed crash when handling an error from deeply included data file osdn#45418
  • Fixed problems in transferring users' ping times to the clients osdn#45499
  • Fixed network protocol problems when there's more than 255 connections to the server. This fix works only if both the server and client have been updated. osdn#45501
  • Fixed buffer overflow on creating savegames, e.g., on Windows osdn#45682
  • Improved boundary checks in constructing text strings osdn#45719



  • Improved accuracy of AI calculations osdn#45278
  • Fixed restricting AI to max tax rates when they change osdn#44188
  • More correct max tax rates restrictions applied to the new player from Civil War osdn#44187
  • Fixed AI to select techs when in a team in a game without pooled research osdn#45397
  • When AI is currently researching Future Tech and regular tech becomes available (e.g. when formerly known one is lost), AI switch to researching that regular one osdn#44419
  • Fixed AI diplomats targeting cities that have a id higher than 64k osdn#45116


  • Fixed crash when changing ai_manual_turn_done client option osdn#45310
  • Make sure that the transport selection dialog does not show transports unsuitable for the cargo osdn#45331
  • Fixed editor crash with terrains with no resources defined for them osdn#45390
  • Make sure editor gui opens immediately when server enables edit mode osdn#45456
  • Fixed editor handling of scenario reserved player property osdn#45491
  • Make sure no negative ping time is ever shown osdn#45500
  • gtk
    • Added tooltips to worklist build targets osdn#45257
    • Added tooltip telling the nation the endgame score display row is about osdn#45461
  • qt
    • Improved client initialization sequence to match Qt recommendations osdn#43873
    • Fixed installation of cities icon on NightStalker theme osdn#45451
    • Fixed client behavior when the target city gets destroyed before spy finishes stealing a tech osdn#45411
  • sdl2
    • Display intelligence information about Wonders osdn#44992
    • Fixed adding Gold clauses to a treaty osdn#45032
    • Fixed installation of CJK fonts osdn#45433
    • Fixed selection of buildings for which icon is shown in the happiness dialog osdn#45577
    • Place luxury icon correctly on happiness dialog osdn#45578
    • Fixed chatline functionality osdn#45702



Manual Generator[]

  • Made to work correctly on NDEBUG builds again osdn#45508

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, Polish
    • Incomplete translations: Esperanto (32% core, 18% nations, 33% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 93% nations, 100% ruledit), German (83% core, 99% nations, 5% ruledit), Russian (99% core, 100% nations, 97% ruledit)
  • Marked more strings for translations osdn#45525


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