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3.0.5 is a generic bugfix release.

Server / General[]

  • Improvements to savegame error diagnostics osdn#45341 osdn#45343
  • Silenced some unused entry warnings when loading saved games osdn#45671 osdn#45856 osdn#46143
  • Limit players to current max tax rates after loading a savegame from a time they were higher osdn#44186
  • Reduced the cases where player loses bulbs when they have leftover bulbs from tech finished previous turn change, and caravan provided bulbs on top of that, and they switch between various techs to research next osdn#45685
  • Disallowed barbarians from creating more than one unit of a type expected to be unique osdn#44863
  • Improvements to when worklist item get postponed and when completely purged osdn#46029 osdn#45982
  • Sea units that regularly need supplies, or die, now automatically save themselves to the coast when possible osdn#45948

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • civ2civ3/sandbox
    • Homeless units (e.g. starting diplomat) can no longer bribe other units. It made it possible to get armies of homeless, and thus free of maintenance, units. osdn#45070

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Improved error diagnostics in inifile (e.g. rulesets) loading osdn#45573
  • Lua functions unit_move() and unit_teleport() now check legality of the move osdn#44769

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Removed unnecessary padding from the savegame files osdn#45855

Low-level changes[]

  • Fixes to the directory creation
  • Robustness improvements to low-level fallback functionalities used, e.g., in Windows builds osdn#45905
  • Fixed city culture value overflow on server/client communication osdn#46014



  • Fixed AI evaluation of value of tech parasite buildings (e.g. Great Library on most rulesets) in case of pooled research being turned off between team members, and dead opponents osdn#45588
  • Properly update AI's information when continents get renumbered (merged or split) osdn#45767
  • Fixed erroneously high want for a Martial Law unit as a defender when there actually isn't need for defensive capacity osdn#45595
  • Make AI to count logarithmic trade revenue bonus correctly when evaluating if trade route is worth the effort osdn#46049
  • Fixed a bug in bodyguard selection when the want for military units is high, but not an actual emergency osdn#46091
  • Fixed a crash when hunter cannot attack its target. Now it doesn't waste time hunting such targets at all osdn#46176


  • Client is now aware if someone's research details are not updated any more, and doesn't show such outdated informatio any more osdn#45076
  • Fixed client crash on unfortunate timing of menus updating exact moment worker finish tile changing activity osdn#45781
  • Display (opponent) score of 0 as Unknown as that's what the server indicates with it (this logic will improve in freeciv-3.1) osdn#45970
  • Fixed which version of the wall graphics are shown about opponents' cities osdn#46092
  • gtk
    • Fixed "Gtk-WARNING gadget with negative dimensions" warning in most cases it occurred osdn#42263
    • Added tootip for the nationdlg rows osdn#45512
    • Fixed <ctrl> + <shift> + key combinations to work on edit mode osdn#45802
    • Fixed an infinite loop in editor mode osdn#45874
    • gtk3 and gtk3.22: Added Battle Groups menu osdn#45924
  • qt
    • Menu entry for targetless revolution is now insensitive if current rules do now allow it osdn#45782
    • Nations dialog Relations and Techs panes can now be toggled on or off osdn#45048
    • Made it possible to toggle one's own Away state from the nations display AI menu osdn#44858
    • Pop down possibly remaining older tile info before opening a new one. This avoids popups that were left on screen until client was closed osdn#44177
    • Fixed Classic theme syntax osdn#44857
    • Graphics for extras shown in the help browser osdn#44859
  • sdl2
    • Fixed unused entry: file.gx warning from theme loading osdn#45031
    • Fixed the Patrol Here functionality from the tile menu osdn#45925
    • Improved client launch time initialization checks osdn#46000
    • Fixed renaming cities to take effect osdn#45986
    • Fixed the Paradrop Here functionality from the tile menu osdn#45981


Ruledit / Ruleup[]

  • Save trade settings section comment to game.ruleset osdn#45386

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, Polish
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 93% nations, 100% ruledit)
  • Fixed fetching translations of the names of the nations from the core nationset, for the game to actually show translated names osdn#45761
  • Marked more strings for translations osdn#45989
  • Fixes to translator comments osdn#45835


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