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3.0.6 is a bugfix release in freeciv-3.0 series. The focus has been in supporting current bleeding edge systems, to make freeciv compatible with latest releases of other components and tools.

Server / General[]

  • When the worklist item cannot be currently built, server now detects more cases where it will be impossible to ever build it and purges the worklist item instead of just postponing osdn#45563
  • Silenced some unused entry warnings when loading saved games osdn#46144
  • Freeciv now uses new libcurl API, instead of one deprecated in latest versions, to communicate with the metaserver and, in case of modpack installer, to fetch files osdn#46345
  • When starting from a saved game, dead players are no longer counted towards ready/unready player counts in pre-game osdn#44621
    • Dead players do not affect whether game can start or not (no need to wait for them)
    • Gtk- and Qt-clients' pre-game dialog "Start" button is never sensitive when the client is attached to a dead player
  • Fixed problems with the filename encoding when saving mapimg on Windows osdn#45507
  • Fixed bad memory access issue after player who had already founded cities has been removed from the game osdn#46503

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Fixes to Path Finding troubles when terrain move costs are high, in terms of move fragment count osdn#46039 osdn#46136
  • Improvements to ruleset loading code error handling osdn#46196
  • Unit Vision Range is now always recalculated at turn change for any changes in requirements to take effect osdn#46182
  • Cities currently working a tile is now forced to stop doing that at the moment the tile changes in a way that Tile_Workable effect is no longer active osdn#44706

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Stopped endless spam on server console about iconv inability to convert between encodings. Just tell it once when the issue is first encountered osdn#46497

Low-level changes[]

  • Fixed re-entrancy problem in getting current time, e.g., if both metaserver communication and regular game (main thread) would want to write log at the same moment osdn#46228



  • Stop AI from erroneously thinking that a Growth_Food effect with a negative value would give food osdn#46290
  • Reduced number of cases where AI desire to kill specific target would overflow, and thus make it to think that very desirable target is not good at all osdn#46513


  • Improved the way client determines which server settings to save as user-preferred ones osdn#43748
    • Ruleset defaults are no longer saved as "non-default"
    • Value explicitly set to same as the default gets saved
  • Client now resends user's desired server settings after ruleset has been changed, and server has resetted the settings for that osdn#43747
  • Fixed an issue causing client quit sound from playing osdn#46426
  • Make sure editor gui closes immediately when server disables edit mode osdn#46439
  • Fixed client crashes when description of unit's activities were constructed simultaneously for multiple units osdn#46559
  • gtk
    • Tooltip shown about nations on nation dialog and endgame score list now describes client's player's relating to that player osdn#45792
    • Made help browser links for buildings' and wonders' requirements to work regardless of the requirement type osdn#46433 osdn#46551
    • Corrected keys to control Battle Groups osdn#46588
  • qt
    • Sorting of the Nations Dialog columns now happens by correct rules (e.g., AI attitude sorted by friendliness, not alphabetically) osdn#46289
    • Fixed issues, potetially even client crash, with prev/next city buttons osdn#46404
    • Fixed crash when gui-specific help requested by "-- --help" commandline parameters osdn#46660
  • sdl2
    • Fixed issues stemming from button drawing being ambigious about how it worked osdn#45689
    • Fixed revolution dialog crash when player cannot change to any government osdn#46450
    • Make controlled disconnect from the server on client quit osdn#46478



  • experimental mode builds only Consider ruleset items listed in appearance_reqs or disappearance_reqs of an extra, or first_reqs of a road, to be used by the ruleset. They cannot be removed as long as those references stay. osdn#46443


  • Generated server options page no longer tells the ruleset used when creating it; ruleset makes no diffence to the server options osdn#46381

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 93% nations, 100% ruledit)


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