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WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 3.1.0-beta1[]

3.1.0-beta2 fixes a number of issues seen with beta1.

Server / General[]

  • Supplied scenarios now show up as 3.1 format ones osdn#46502
  • Silenced some unused entry warnings when loading saved games osdn#47498 osdn#47793 osdn#47670
  • Long ruleset descriptions are no longer truncated at the client end. Both server and client need to be of new version for this fix to take effect osdn#47658
  • Fixed server file descriptor leak when loading lua command files osdn#47609
  • Fixed memory handling issues when number of continents change on a map with no lakes at all osdn#47825
  • Fixed handling of unit shield upkeep osdn#47938 osdn#48023

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fixed some path finding miscalculations osdn#47731 osdn#47746
  • Player looting dying player (one who lost gameloss unit) now get notifications about what the loot contains osdn#45152
  • Observers are kept in sync with city investigation osdn#46186
  • civ2civ3/sandbox
    • Barracks and Sun Tzu affect Small Land units too osdn#47636
    • Bribe Unit, Spy Attack, and Incite City give victim casus belli even when the actions fail osdn#46239
  • alien
    • Bribe Unit, and Incite City give victim casus belli even when the actions fail osdn#46239
  • civ1/civ2
    • Stop Great Wall from preventing Fortify bonus outside cities osdn#47907

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Fixed potential crash with Heal Unit action osdn#47603
  • Units hiding within an extra (base) are now shown to their allies, not to the allies of the extra owner osdn#47655
  • Stopped erroneously accepting freeciv-3.0 format veteran_raise_chance from 3.1 rulesets osdn#47751
  • Units within transport no longer cause ZoC osdn#47656
  • Fixed crash with requirements on range Traderoute osdn#47653

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Silenced spammy "Did not find a cm solution..." message osdn#47570
  • Wait for the "interrupt" autosave to finish before quitting the program, when threaded save is enabled osdn#47540
  • Victory type logged to server console osdn#42618
  • Loading governor settings from a savegame fixed osdn#48002



  • Fixed several places where wants were rounded to integers, often causing low want (lower than '1') to be not wanted at all ('0') osdn#46286 osdn#47776 osdn#47901 osdn#47973
  • Fixed an issue in how AI evaluates whether building a new building would enable or disable unit actions. Notable consequences of this bug was how AI was afraid to build Coinage, and went for idle Caravans instead osdn#42169
  • Make AI prepared for a building providing multiple requirements for effect osdn#47831
  • Improved advisor / AI choice debugging tools osdn#47821
  • Fixed crash with recursive autoworker displacement osdn#47992


  • Tooltip added to "Turn Done" button about enabled fixedlength setting osdn#45887
  • Fixed client crash after failure to load some tileset files osdn#47318
  • Fixed clipping of the draw area on gui independent part of client code. Notably this made gtk-clients to give warnings like Invalid rectangle passed osdn#42262
  • Fixed potential crash in an attempt to use server settings before server has sent them osdn#47663
  • Tell if there's no version information in metaserver reply osdn#47943
  • Editor mode
    • Tile changes now trigger related side effects osdn#46424
  • gtk (See also separate list of gtk4 development)
    • Area of the Battle Animation is now set correctly on screen osdn#47705
    • Properly update available techs list when last real tech discovered, and Future Techs become available osdn#45434
    • Help Browser nation pages now show flag image osdn#47824
    • Help Browser shows images of extras on their pages osdn#47624
    • Support for persistent rally points added osdn#47936 osdn#47954
  • qt
    • Added About Current Tileset entry to Help menu osdn#47638
    • Fixed sorting of nations dialog columns osdn#47856
    • Fixed crash with the client-side game state gets inconsistent between server sent packages osdn#47882
  • sdl2
    • Orders menus for present and supported units now correctly opens from the city dialog osdn#47455
    • Fixed tech help crash osdn#47615
    • Theme font size is actually used. This initial implementation is just a start, but better than nothing osdn#47681 osdn#47703 osdn#48037


Manual Generator[]

  • Fixed crash when loading ruleset other than the default osdn#47607
  • Terrains page layout improved osdn#47819


  • Fixed updating rulesets that have Animal Barbarians enabled osdn#47657


  • Added extra values editing dialog osdn#47818
  • Effects count now shown on stats osdn#47906
  • Made Stats Refresh -button available also on non-debug builds osdn#47950

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

Help / Documentation[]


  • New translation:
    • Latin American Spanish (es_419) (core: 1%, nations: 0%, ruledit: 0%)
  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Catalan (94% core, 99% nations, 96% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 92% nations, 100% ruledit), French (99% core, 100% nations, 99% ruledit)


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