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WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 3.1.0-beta2[]

3.1.0-beta3 is third beta release of freeciv-3.1 series.

Server / General[]

  • Fixed loading acceptance of zero-clause treaties from savegames osdn#48127
  • Editor sets newly created player's infra points to zero osdn#48204
  • Reduced memory usage on games with a huge number of players osdn#48293
  • Set diplomatic relations state correctly between team members osdn#48295
  • Fixed assert failures when city grows to freeciv's internal max city size (255) osdn#48296
  • Sammarinese city name Borgo Maggiore corrected osdn#48316
  • Cargo gets bounced when transport is lost due to terrain change osdn#46277
  • Fixed crash with recursive autoattacks in case of occupychance setting being > 0 osdn#48300
  • Fixed memory corruption when transport is not bounced, but cargo is osdn#48392
  • Corrected amount treasury gets increased by a city in some situations osdn#48391

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Worklist items currently unreachable because of terrain class (Land / Oceanic) requirement are now purged rather than postponed. Requirements of exact terrain are still just postponed osdn#47493
  • Messages from supplied lua scripts, such as handling unit entering hut tile, now have unit/city/tile links in place osdn#43389
  • Units hidden by extras no longer impose ZoC osdn#47700
  • Fixed an issue preventing Huts never granting cities for units other than Settlers osdn#48582 osdn#48612
  • nations
    • Portuguese viscounty replaced by county osdn#48531
    • More Portuguese monarchs, and extended legend osdn#48528
  • experimental
    • Graphics tags added for Hospital and Genetic Lab, to benefit from such sprites provided by some tilesets osdn#48086

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Fixed gzipped saves support on Meson based builds osdn#48101
  • Corrected version number checks for determining if problem seen in savegame load is a known problem already fixed in versions later than the one that created the savegame osdn#48212
  • Fixed handling of invalid player flag on savegame load osdn#48563




  • Fixed Observer client assert failure when connected to beta1 server osdn#48046
  • gtk (See also separate list of gtk4 development)
    • Client shows when one is observer, and not a controlling player osdn#48045
    • Made applying fullscreen option from the options dialog to take effect immediately osdn#47531
    • Fixed applying Small Font setting. Previously it wasn't effective at all osdn#48186
    • Fixed mixup in font size, causing size set in settings in points getting applied in pixels osdn#48185
    • Made it possible to offer techs in a treaty even if player has no embassy to see what techs the other player already has osdn#45552
    • gtk3/gtk3.22 Made Battle Groups menu insensitive for observers osdn#48298
    • Fixed bad padding in theme osdn#48659 osdn#48669
    • Fixed bad tooltip contrast in theme osdn#48660 osdn#48670
  • Qt
    • Made applying fullscreen option from the options dialog to take effect immediately osdn#48180
    • Hud shows when one is observer, and not a controlling player osdn#48132
    • Fixed wrong unit convert times shown in help osdn#48377
    • Log failures to find suitable font on first launch setup phase osdn#48385
    • Fixed supposedly non-fatal tileset errors causing a crash, and display of fatal errors before aborting osdn#47915
    • Fixed chatline handling of characters outside ASCII set osdn#48557
    • Fixed Science Dialog crash because of a Future Tech osdn#47787
    • Window title mentions whether Freeciv has been built in Qt5 or Qt6 mode osdn#48603
  • gtk4
    • City Dialog Governor Tab layout corrected osdn#47446
    • Fixed updating image of current production on city dialog osdn#47439
    • Fixed Science Dialog handling osdn#47445
    • Fixed Editor hanging when editing text labels osdn#48095
    • Fixed Chat area autoscrolling on window resize osdn#48117
    • Fixed warnings about loading the default theme osdn#47441
    • Stop attempts to refresh menus after leaving the server osdn#48419
    • Added reverse tax rates adjusting by right click osdn#48547
    • Window title mentions that the client is gtk4 one osdn#48569
    • Theme gets applied to all windows, not just root one osdn#48634



Manual Generator[]

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

  • Hospital and Genetic Lab sprites supplied as extra buildings graphics osdn#48085
  • Operative sprite provided in amplio2 extra units osdn#48282
  • Adjusted alien ruleset and alio tileset to take advantage of the new extra building sprites osdn#48189

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Polish
    • Incomplete translations: German (77% core, 99% nations, 70% ruledit), Esperanto (31% core, 19% nations, 31% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 92% nations, 100% ruledit), Indonesian (30% core, 48% nations, 2% ruledit), Russian (99% core, 100% nations, 100% ruledit)
  • Dropped extraneous string collected for translations osdn#48056


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