The following lines define a complete personalized nation ruleset:


; This is an example nation ruleset for Freeciv 2.6.*

; Nation rulesets are included by default/nationlist.ruleset, and
; this default nation list is included by classic/nations.ruleset,
; civ2civ3/nations.ruleset, etc.

; Your "personal" (example) ruleset with a personal/nations.ruleset
; can include classic/nations.ruleset to get these classic nations
; with the classic settings (traits, initial government, ...)

; You can add  *include personal/native.ruleset (example) after this
; to define a "native" nation as in this (complete) example.

; The flags are normally defined by the tileset.  Amplio and small
; tilesets include misc/flags.spec and misc/shields.spec for normal
; flags and shields.  Amplio2 includes misc/flags_large.spec and
; misc/shields_large.spec.  If the flags for your personal nations
; are not covered by this procedure you can create a dummy tileset
; and add the missing flags in the [sprites] section of any *.spec;
; same idea as in the relevant misc/*.spec files.

; You can also define flag_alt in your personal nation rulesets to
; (ab)use the flag of another nation.  You can disable the nations
; of these borrowed flag(s) as "conflict", see below for an example.

name                    = _("Native")
plural                  = _("?plural:Natives")
groups                  = "Imaginary", "Sisters"
legend                  = _("The Natives are an imaginary tribe abusing\
 the Aleut flag if the unused NATO flag is unavailable.  Native cities\
 get the Latin names of Greek letters (alpha, beta, etc.); no umlauts,\
 no accents, no nonsense.  And one u+1F4A9 as basic giggle test.\

leaders =       {
        "name",         "sex"
        "Prima",        "Female"
        "Secundus",     "Male"
        "Snowwhite",    "Female"

ruler_titles =  {
        "government",   "male_title",           "female_title"
        "Anarchy",      _("Seer %s"),           _("?female:Seer %s")
        "Despotism",    _("Sorcerer %s"),       _("Sorceress %s")
        "Monarchy",     _("Duke %s"),           _("Duchess %s")
        "Republic",     _("Regent %s"),         _("?female:Regent %s")
        "Democracy",    _("Professor %s"),      _("?female:Professor %s")
        "Communism",    _("Commissar %s"),      _("?female:Commissar %s")
    "Fundamentalism",   _("Father %s"),         _("Mother %s")

; Try to get the (existing and unused) NATO flag if possible;
; its name matches "nat".  Otherwise steal the nice Aleut flag.

flag                    = "nato"
flag_alt                = "aleut"
style                   = "Asian"       ; was 2.5 city_style
conflicts_with          = "aleut", "un"
civilwar_nations        = "hacker", "aleut"

; Optional: suggested border color, e.g., dominant flag color.
; The border color is also used as player color in the mini-
; map:  Almost white (ice), blue (water), gray (mountains),
; or green (land) colors are bad choices.  NATO blue for the
; natives turned out to be a bad idea. :-(

;color.r                 =    1          ; #012169 NATO blue
;color.g                 =   33          ;  0x21 (dec. works)
;color.b                 =  105          ;  0x69 (hex. fails)

init_techs              = ""
init_buildings          = ""
init_units              = ""

cities =
 "Omega",       "Alpha",        "Beta",         "Gamma",
 "Delta",       "Epsilon",      "Zeta",         "Eta",
 "Theta",       "Iota",         "Kappa",        "Lambda",
 "Mu",          "Nu",           "Xi",           "Omicron",
 "Pi",          "Rho",          "Sigma",        "Tau",
 "Upsilon",     "Phi",          "Chi",          "Psi",
 "💩 (swamp, !river, !ocean, !lake)"  ; u+1F4A9
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