"North America (classic/medium)" is a standard Freeciv scenario.

The map extends from Costa Rica to include most of Greenland with some Aleutian and Caribbean/Bahamas islands. Terrain is fairly realistic, which makes for daunting stretches of jungle south of Mexico City, desert between California and Texas, and glacier in Greenland, as well as huge tracts of almost uninterrupted forest in Canada and very hilly expanses in mid-east USA. Numerous rivers and resource tiles make all areas usable.

Triremes are confined to tiles that are in sight of land except for Hudson Bay and environs and a small strip linking one Caribbean island to the mainland.

Eleven nations start on or near the coast; one (probably named Sioux) starts in mid-west USA. The three nations in the middle section of the west coast (who tend to be Portuguese, Germans, and either Scots or Indians) start fairly close together, but others are well separated.

While there may be fierce competition for the best land, especially if minimum city distance is 4 or more, there could still be some unclaimed land at the finish. A good balanced map for interesting games.

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