• May be disbanded in a city to recover 50% of the production cost.
  • A missile unit: gets used up in making an attack.
  • This unit's attack causes a nuclear explosion.
  • A field unit: one unhappiness applies even when non-aggressive.
  • May become veteran through training (but not combat).
  • Unit has to be in a city, or on a Carrier or Submarine after 1 turn.

You can build Nuclear units when you have the required advance, and the Manhattan Project wonder has been built by any player.

On impact, the blast will destroy any unit in a 3x3-square area, including friendly units. When striking a city, the city size is halved, and the surrounding squares are subject to nuclear fallout.

TIP 1: Nuking the ocean will not generate fallout, and is a most effective (but expensive!!) way of getting rid of enemy ships.

TIP 2: You may be involved in a situation where you've invaded an enemy country en masse, but the enemy cities are too strong. Before using a Nuclear unit, assemble a gang of Settlers and/or Engineers next to the city and have them ready to fix the fallout on the same turn it occurs! This minimizes the chance of nuclear winter.

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