Barbaricum is the Barbarian capital city.

Genseric wanted to own the wealth of the world. Genseric rallied many Barbarian Leaders, who recruited many free units to fight for Genseric. So Genseric pondered how to raid some cities. Genseric created a simple plan. All units will act berserk and attack the nearest city. Bored units will disband.

But you intervened.

You were formerly a tactician for one of the world's major civilizations. You defected to the barbarians, because Genseric inspired you. You understood that the barbarian civilization has a permanent advantage over other civilizations, because Genseric can inspire free units. You plan to conserve your units, defend your cities and take the world. You will use the free units to cheat.

This guide is for playing as barbarians. This guide will uncover some special facts about Freeciv, whether you play as barbarians, against barbarians or without barbarians.

How to control barbarians

This is cheating. Freeciv allows you to take barbarians, if you add the letter 'b' to the server option 'allowtake', but Freeciv never allows you to disable the barbarian AI. The only way to disable the barbarian AI is to edit a saved game.

This is the procedure for Freeciv 2.1.10, with the caveat that we are escaping normal gameplay (by disabling the barbarian AI), so we might cause some glitches. Other versions of Freeciv might work, or might be different.


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