If you have a Freeciv related project and want others to help or just know what you're doing, add it to this section.


Project Description Needs Help Homepage Start
Crosser dll stack builder Windows build environment Windows testing 2008
NExtended forum thread Modpack ?? freeciv-mod blog 2013 Android port + Dropbox sync. Forum thread freeciv-android on Github 2013
AmplioHexbig forum thread AmplioHexBig ?? amplio2hexbig tileset 2013
fcmodpacks maintenance Various modpacks by Cazfi ?? fcmodpacks on Github 2014
Sextant forum thread 60×60 square tileset ?? 2016
Radius ruleset w/ natives Growing radius by Dunnoob ?? Radius on GitHub 2017
Corbeau's ruleset Longturn ruleset ?? Rulesets and modpacks 2017
WebCiv browser extension Freeciv-web shim for FireFox ?? See 2017
NekoTrident forum thread Tileset based on Trident ?? Art & tilesets subforum 2018
Augmented2 forum thread Augmented2 ruleset multiplayer testing ruleset & modpack wiki 2018

There are some outdated projects and ports. However, they might be useful for somebody.

More ideas[]

There are more projects at the Coding page and the Help Wanted and Contribution forums. See also Art for graphics-related projects.

Other places to find more or less active current or historic Freeciv projects include, Cazfi's freeciv pages, the modpack repository, and the related links page.