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Project Description Homepage End
WMCivA GUI app to launch FreecivWMCiv 1999
CivTKA Tcl/Tk frontend to civserverCivTK 2001
Mare InfinitusModpacks, scenarios, map2xpm toolMiguel Fahrah's stuff 2002
FreecivACAdd neat features from SMAC to Freeciv.FreecivAC 2003
Freeciv4PalmOSFreeciv for PalmOSFreeciv4PalmOS 2003
Generalization Various suggestions by User:Vasc Generalization 2004
Effects Additional effects in game Effects 2004 [1]
Buckyball Spherical map for Freeciv Buckyball 2006
MacOS X portFreeciv for MacOS X Panther (X11 & Gtk+ 1.2)MacOS X port 2007
CivworldA map editor Civworld 2008 [1]
WarclientUnofficial 2.0.x client/serverWarclient 2009 [1]
Advanced governments New government system Advanced Governments 2013
Themes Improving the look of Freeciv Themes 2013
GGZ Gaming Zone Online gaming zone GGZ 2014 [2]
Planet of the Apes Ruleset; also see the Civ 2 modpack reddit 2015
Attitude AI thread AI-module i1abnrk/fc_attitudeai 2015
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Now a part of Freeciv proper
  2. Dropped after Freeciv 2.5
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