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Freeciv links[]

Freeciv channel
FSF directory entry for Freeciv
LibreGameWiki entry for Freeciv
WikiData item for Freeciv
WikiMedia Commons category for Freeciv
Wikipedia (enwiki) page for Freeciv
Freeciv Creation Facebook Group

Related sites[]

Apolyton Civilization Site
Civilization Anonymous
Civilization Fanatics' Center
Civilization wiki
Civilization Wiki
Freeciv Web (multiplayer Freeciv in a web browser)

Personal sites[]

Libor Behounek's Freeciv maps
Longturn Facebook page (Corbeau)
Progress: Call to Power (Lachu)
Freeciv wiki(非公式)(informal)
朝までFreeciv!(Freeciv until the morning!)

Historic sites[]

Freeciv 1.5 Information
Freeciv 1.8 Game User's Guide

Other Civilization games[]

This is much better covered on the civilization wikia. Some quick links:

C-evo (CIV evolution )
Civilization III, IV, V