Freeciv 3.1.2 tech help (Alien World)[]

Alien Rights[]

  • Allows Monument of Co-operation.

They're smart. Should they have rights too?

Alien Forest tiles produce +1 production.

Alien Taming[]

Some of the Alien lifeforms now work for us.

Alien Training[]

Trained native lifeforms - deadly.

Amphibious Tactics[]

Warfare with amphibious units.


  • Allows Antigrav Control Center.

Even if normal method of flying is impossible in this world antigravity works. We just need to master it.


  • Allows Great Tunnel.
  • Allows Burrow Tube (with "Settlers" units and Oceanic terrain).

Since it seems to be impossible to fly in this world, we focus on opposite direction. Burrowing through earth is possible.

In addition to making first burrowing units available, knowledge of this tech allows mining of Thick Mountains.

Brain Development[]

  • Allows Research Nest.

Brute Force[]

  • Allows Secret Police.
  • Allows Highway (with Road, "Settlers" units, and Land terrain).

It's time to make more powerful weapons than ever before.

City Defense[]

  • Allows Force Walls.
  • Allows Protector.

Advanced form of force channeling allows us to protect city size objects with channeled radiation energy.

Commercial Antigravity[]

  • Allows Antigrav Port.
  • Allows Antigrav Base (with Land terrain and "Settlers" units).

Antigravity is not only for military. It has commercial applications as well.


Conventional radio does not work here. Develop working alternative that takes advantage of the local radiation. You'll get contact to other factions and much more information about them.

Also your own bases can communicate more efficiently with each other, so number of bases you have is not causing as much unhappiness as before.


Stronger materials mean stronger armors.

Controlled Biomass[]

Bugs, Slimes, Molds. We can drive masses of them together and then control movement of that biomass to act like a one being.

Crust Defense[]

Defense against burrowing units.

Cyber Aliens[]

Alliance of the machine and alien organisms.


  • Allows Cyberpart Factory.

Standardized cyber units save money - or make money to those producing them.


Making old Earth technology better than before is relatively easy task to do. For small investment, cybernetics gives us much better attack units.

Data Storage[]

  • Allows Archive.

Needs to archive all the media produced for and by politics drive development of better data storage methods.

Deep Pumping[]

We can pump water from the depths of the crust. We no longer need any of the adjacent tiles to have water in order to build Greenhouses.

Deneb Radar[]

  • Allows Radar Tower.

Not really an conventional radar, but named so as it fills similar role. It's based on Deneb 7 radiation and works on this planet.

Dual Government[]

  • Allows Dual Communism.
  • Allows Dual Democracy.

Government should consider both Humans and Native aliens.


  • Allows Space Component.
  • Allows Space Module.
  • Allows Space Structural.

We are finally able to escape force field surrounding Deneb 7. In addition to technical insight it requires correct attitude.

Faction Government[]

  • Allows Communism.
  • Allows Democracy.

Familiar government types adjusted to local environment.

Faction Politics[]

Human relations in this situation, where various factions have been forced to this strange planet, are quite unlike anything seen before. It very well deserves small study. Maybe we then can co-operate with other factions.

Food Regeneration[]

If what we harvest grows back faster, we get more food. It's simple as that.

Protein Houses tiles get additional 50% food production bonus.

Force Channeling[]

  • Allows Force Fortress (with Land terrain and "Settlers" units).

Radiation is obstacle for us, but now also an resource. We know how to channel Deneb 7's power to our own use.

Engineers can build Force Fortresses.

Gravity Manipulation[]

  • Allows Skyscraper.

From inside the crust we gather information required to understand how gravity works and what one can do with it.

Global Knowledge[]

  • Allows Information Distillery.

Information flows to us. We learn any tech known by four other factions.

High-Tech Filtering[]

  • Allows Filter (with Oceanic terrain).

You can get a lot of things from ocean if you know how.


Simply knowing this tech makes two content citizens happy in each city.

Low-Level Orbit[]

With further advances in antigravitics we are able to enter orbit even if we still are prisoners of the force field surrounding Deneb 7.

Makes Antigrav Ports more efficient. They can airlift three units instead of just one.


  • Allows Maglev (with Highway, "Settlers" units, and Land terrain).

Using Deneb 7's own power available everywhere land travel speeds can reach levels never seen before.


  • Allows Factory.

It takes some research to even make basic manufacturing in this alien world.

Martial Law[]

Effective martial law requires that we can react quickly, to immediately send forces where they are needed.

Maximum martial law for cities with Secret Police is increased from two to five.

Mental Powers[]


One way to resist radiation is willpower.

Simply knowing this tech allows cities to grow 3 sizes bigger.


  • Allows Central Mine (with Land terrain).

Earthly mining technologies were not sufficient for heavy scale mining on this planet.

Modified Spitter[]

We already know how to make modifications to alien lifeforms. Let's improve spitters.

Mood Manipulation[]

  • Allows Mood Center.

People are happy if they believe that they are happy.

Naval Superiority[]

It's no longer enough to replicate old Earth technologies. We want superiority.

New Frontier[]

We finally fully realize that we are not limited to what we had as part of Earth empire.

Increases max tax/science/lux rate by 10%.

Ocean Cities[]

  • Allows Oceanic Downtown (with Oceanic terrain).

Cities on ocean. Why not?

Organic Structures[]

The art of making armor from alien organisms resistant to Deneb 7's strange radiation allows us to enter new areas.

Cities can work radiating tiles.


It's easy to fall all the way from orbit, but to hit small target and to be ready to act immediately after landing are hard for aliens. They need extra mental powers for that.

Personal Contact[]

With Virtual Reality it's like actor actually was there with you. When you allow actors to teleport to meet their audience, maybe she is.

Stealth Spies protecting your cities against enemy Spies will get 40% bonus. It also gets 40% harder for enemies to sabotage specific buildings.

Protein Modifications[]

  • Allows Protein Houses (with Greenhouses).

Turns out we can make alien lifeforms edible.

Engineers can build Protein Houses, which increases tile food production by 50%.

Radiation Resistance[]

  • Allows Radiation Resistor.

By closely examining alien lifeform and how they survive the radiation, we are able to build some radiation resistance to our cities.

Simply knowing this tech allows cities to grow 1 size bigger.


  • Allows Hospital.

We know how aliens regenerate, we know how self-repairing machines regenerate, we know how Earth organisms regenerate.

Research Methods[]

Research methods suitable for tackling challenges here allow us to gain knowledge much faster.

Simply knowing this tech increases science output by 35%.

Smart Aliens[]

Once we have given some smarts, backed with some remote control, to them, they can work on more demanding tasks.


By combining our knowledge about humans and aliens we finally understand universal concept of soul.

We can cause terror in our enemies. Once somebody knows Soul, two content citizens is converted to unhappy in every city in the world unless owner of the city also knows Soul.

Specialist Training[]

Based on our Tactics teaching techniques, we can teach our specialists trick or two.

Output of all specialists doubles.

Spitter Control[]

Alien lifeforms spitting solid objects are interesting research subject.

Stealth Module[]

Even when we know this technology making our units invisible, it's far too expensive to be used for armies. It's perfect for individuals in espionage mission.

Strong Force[]

  • Allows Tower (with Land terrain and "Settlers" units).

We are quite capable of making different energy fields out of radiation. We can still improve, though.

Allows Engineers to build Towers instead of Force Fortresses.

Strong Resistance[]

  • Allows Tunnel (with "Settlers" units, "Radiating" terrain, and Land terrain).

We get better at building resistance against radiation.

Simply knowing this tech allows cities to grow 2 sizes bigger.


Supermodule combines lesser modules in one extremely efficient pack.

Synthetic Food[]

This is completely new, and extremely efficient, way of making synthetic food.

As their food consumption is no longer an problem, we can grow bigger, meaner, aliens.


We can teleport relatively small objects relatively short distances. This reduces problem of not being able to fly.

Thermal Module[]

To be competent in boiling waters requires good control of temperature surrounding vessels. Also, knowledge about basic module technology allows more advanced modules in the future.

Cities can work Boiling Ocean tiles.

Underground Habitat[]

  • Allows Bunker (with Land terrain).

If needed, we can produce everything we need without ever leaving underground bunker.


  • Allows Transportation.

Once we master ship manufacturing, traveling more hospitable seas of Deneb 7 proved to be no different from other planets.

Unified Theory[]

We now understand that radiation and antigravity are two sides of the same phenomenon.

Virtual Entertainment[]

  • Allows Virtual Reality Theatre.

Another tech that Earth has long been close to mastering.

Virtual Reality Training[]

  • Allows Training Facility.

Virtual Reality provides excellent way to train our forces, both infantry and naval forces.

War Monsters[]

We can tame monsters suitable for war. These might be relatively weak, but they are the only thing that can wage war on radiating areas for the time being.

Water Flow[]

We understand Deneb 7 fluid dynamics and can get water to flow where we want. Building Greenhouses becomes possible in tiles adjacent to cities and rivers.