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Scenarios are in essence saved games. Some accompany the standard download (accessed by "Start Scenario Game") but you can create your own.

Creating scenarios[edit | edit source]

To convert a saved game to a scenario, move it from the local (per user) .freeciv/saves folder to .freeciv/x.y/scenarios or to the global (all users) data/scenario folder, and add a section [scenario] at the top of the file. For example:

name=_("Aegean Sea (classic/giant)")
description=_("Classic-style 350x350 map of the Aegean Sea.")

Start scenarios[edit | edit source]

For the tutorial and similar scenarios, where a map should be generated, remove all map data in the [map] section:




Maybe add code to the [script] section, for examples see data/scenario/tutorial.sav.gz, data/default/script.lua, and data/default/default.lua.

There are many differences between version 2.3 and older scenario formats, but as long as older scenarios can be loaded, they can be also saved in newer formats.


  • The topology used to be an index from 0 to 15, but it is now a set with up to four elements WRAPX, WRAPY, ISO, HEX; both forms correspond to the same four bits.
  • The server_state of a not yet started game (as in the tutorial) used to be 0, this is now S_S_INITIAL.

Set this initial state with an empty id and an empty server_id for start scenarios without map. You can create various start scenarios overwriting the default number of players, the default AI skill_level, and other default settings.

Using a map[edit | edit source]

Typically you would use the "editing mode" in a started game to design a map, and "save scenario" to save your work.

Obviously this section is incomplete, please add what you know.

Standard scenarios[edit | edit source]

Some of the normal game options are not available, but many options remain, e.g. AI difficulty level, modpack, saved-file name, initial units (with some apparent limitation), distance between cities, tech and production and food multipliers, interval between autosaves, allowance of space race.

"Animated" Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Animated Scenarios are special maps with nations, leaders, cities, units, infrastructure, technology and diplomacy already in place.

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • See Maps for downloads.

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