-a --auth FILE

Enable server authentication with configuration from FILE.

-G --Guests

Allow guests to login as 'guest' when authentication is enabled.

-N --Newusers

Allow new users to login and be registered in the players base if authentication is enabled.

-b --bind

Listen for clients on a given address.

-d, --debug

Sets the amount of debugging information to be logged in the file named by the -l option. The number should be 0 for fatal messages only, 1 for fatal and error messages, 2 for fatal, error and normal messages or 3 for fatal, error, normal and verbose messages. Level 4 adds to this debugging messages and allows them to be printed on a per-file and per-line basis (see the README coming with the distribution).

-f, --file

Loads a saved game into the server before initialization, instead of starting a new game. This is for reloading saved games, or for loading scenarios. The distribution comes with such scenarios, typically stored in /usr/local/share/freeciv:
the real Earth at 160x90 size.
the real Earth at 80x50 size.
the real Europe at 200x100 size.

-h, --help

Prints out a description of the command line options and exits.

-i, --info

Extra info for the metaserver

-l, --log

Defines a log file to be produced during processing. By default, "fatal" and "normal" messages are printed to standard output. With a log file, such messages go to the log instead. Use the -d option to set how much is logged.

-m, --meta

Notify metaserver and send server's info

-M, --Metaserver

Specifies an address for the metaserver to send information.

-p, --port Freeciv has gotten the 5556 port assigned by IANA.

Specifies the TCP port number to which clients will connect; players must know this number to be able to connect if they are not to use the default of 5556 decimal. You may need to use this if 5556 is not available for your use on your system.

-P, --Ppm

Save map ppms to savegames.

-R, --Ranklog

Defines a log file to be produced during processing. This log contains information for player ranking.

-q, --quitidle

Quit if no players for the specified time in seconds and restarts a new server.

-e, --exit-on-end

When a game ends, exit instead of restarting.

-s, --saves

Specifies a directory where save games.

-r, --read

Specifies a file of server commands which the server will automatically read and process, as if you had typed them in at the server's prompt. The distribution has an example that sets options to be similar to Civilization I, which the option -r /usr/local/share/freeciv/civ1.serv would read.

-v, --version

Causes the server to display its version number and exit.

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