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Version 1.13.0, 1.14.x or 2.x required to playback sound or music in the client.

Standard sound set v3Edit

There are two soundsets available, each containing a number of sound effects:

Standard musicEdit

Freeciv 2.6 comes with an additional …/data/stdmusic/CullamBruce-Lockhart--Dawning_Fanfare.ogg as music_menu for its new …/data/stdmusic.musicspec feature. Up to Freeciv 2.5 the Dawning Fanfare was used as music_start in the freesounds.modpack.

Background MusicEdit

A number of music tracks have been created/released for Freeciv over the years. None is used by default in the client as of 2.5.5, but you can download and listen to them yourself:

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Available on the Wiki
Source Title Listen Duration Author
The Battle for Wesnoth Battle-epic
1:14 (1.32 MB) Doug Kaufman
Song of Doom Battle of kings
3:28 (4.72 MB) Per Kiilstofte
Freeciv Dawning Fanfare
1:54 (858 KB) Cullam Bruce-Lockhart
The Battle for Wesnoth Elvish theme
3:25 (2.8 MB) Doug Kaufman
alxdmusic Epic trailer music
2:49 (3.91 MB) Alex "alxd"
0 A.D. First sighting
1:41 (2.41 MB) Omri Lahav
FreeCol FreeCol intro
2:42 (3.39 MB) Ivica Ico Bukvic
Advanced Strategic Command Frontiers
7:21 (4.47 MB) Michael Kiefernagel
Warzone 2100 Future warzone
7:51 (6.36 MB) Martin Severn
The Battle for Wesnoth Into the shadows
3:32 (3.92 MB) Tyler Johnson
MegaGlest Intro+Menu music
3:24 (4.01 MB) José González
The Battle for Wesnoth Legends of the north
3:34 (3.86 MB) Mattias Westlund
The Battle for Wesnoth Northern mountains
3:32 (4.22 MB) Mattias Westlund
Warzone 2100 Nuclear silence
7:01 (5.48 MB) Martin Severn
OpenBSD 5.6 LibreSSL Ride of the Valkyries
3:54 (5.22 MB) Richard Wagner
Warzone 2100 Soaring eagle
4:59 (3.73 MB) Martin Severn
Warzone 2100 Warzone 2100 Menu
3:00 (2.71 MB) Martin Severn

See AlsoEdit

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