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The idea seems fine, but the names could perhaps be different. Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa 09:56, 7 May 2005 (PDT)

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Isolationism is more a concerted desire not to participate in relations with other countries, not really the opposite of imperialism, an effort at conquest. Perhaps a better pair of binaries to replace those would be Multilateral vs Unilateral and Peaceful vs Militaristic. --RobertDaeley 10:18, 7 May 2005 (PDT)

Alternate naming and grouping Edit


The proposed changes are repeated here (somewhat shortened):

For diplomacy:
Barbaric vs Civilized. (how likely the AI will ofer peace and accept 'fair' deals)
Recluse vs Nomadic. (how often the AI makes diplmatic attempt) Alternative naming: Pragmatic vs Dogmatic or Enterprising vs Perfectionistic. (the latter in both cases are reclusive)
Opportunistic vs Idealistic. (Why ideologue?) (what kind of deals are offered, and whether the AI is forgiving of 'bad behaviour')
Placid vs Aggressive, (Alternatively: Humble vs Valourous) (how easily the AI threatens or accepts terms during diplomace)
Loyal vs Passionate. Alternatively: Honourable vs Empathical. How loyal the AI is towards others in diplomacy. Loyal focusses on good and long-term diplomatic relationships and passionate will do diplomacy on a whim)

For the rest of the AI behaviour (maybe it should be seperate from diplomatic behaviour):
Barbaric vs Civilized (Focus more on units and small cities vs buildings and improving terrain)
Recluse vs Nomadic (How much, and how far the AI wants to expand)
Opportunistic vs Idealistic (how 'dirty' the AI will play. and how loyal it is towards other nations (loyal means means favor diplomacy with that nation, opportunist would rather do diplomacy with the one that is strategically most adventageous.)
Placid vs Aggressive (Aggressive will be more likely to use forceful expansion (expansion through conquest) while placid will be rather conservative in that aspect. Agrressive also makes for more severe retaliatory action, while placid is more 'easy-going'.
Loyal vs Passionate Loyal will follow their allies in war, and expect others to follow them. Loyal will follow up on their threats, and not take 'transcretions' lightly. Passionate is the reverse. It will often bluff, or decide to leave an alliance and if they 'trust' you are more easy going and more forgiving.
--Albatrossix 18:16, 22 May 2005 (PDT)

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Why is "" duplicated as "," ? They both contain the same content, and the only notable difference is the comma ending the URL of the second. If i don't get a reply in a week or so i will assume it is safe to delete the second page. Note that i actually haven't tried to delete a wiki page before, and thus am not sure i can pull it off.Dentrassi BBQ 06:35, July 13, 2011 (UTC)

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