Getting tired of losing?

The best tactic for early beginners and people who just can't master the art of world domination, is the diplomatic tactic. Put down the gun and pick up peace. The diplomat, spy offers an array of abilities that no other unit can offer. With a modest amount of money the diplomat, spy can help you conquer a city and all the units in it. Just have your diplomat, spy enter an enemy city and pick "Start revolt" (it could be different because of different versions of the game) and a price menu will pop up. Telling you how much it will cost to start a revolt, the higher the level of the city the higher the price, and bam you have an enemy city with no trouble at all and you get the units in the city, and you get some money. The other tricks that are in the diplomat's, spy's hat is the "steal technology" trick that allows you to steal enemy technology. There also the "bribe unit" trick that lets you control and enemy unit for a certain price. A "sabotage" trick that stops the enemy city from making what ever it is the production bar, there is the "investigate city) trick that allows you to see everything about a city. With the spy, not diplomat, you can spike (poison) enemy water supply for a city and the spy doesn't die, it returns to their birth city. The problem with diplomats and spies is that the have a somewhat of a 50% chance of a success. To raise this success I suggest making an embassy, diplomats and spies can make embassies in enemy cities. The other problem is the financial loss of capturing a city. I suggest studying "economy" and building the wonder that comes with "economy", that will lift an enormous amount of pressure off you. Overall the diplomat and spy tactic is the best tactic, if they are used properly. It takes a game or two to master this awesome tactic, but it is worth it in sticky positions and when you have encountered an advanced society.

Thanks for the comments. I tweaked the formatting of your post to make it readable. --Hima 01:25, 9 February 2008 (UTC)
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