A change was reverted where the manual was made to link to a site that does not host this ruleset.

The rules at the site this links to are not the same as those described in this page.

Note to this author: You are welcome to modify MP2 rules as you see fit. We encourage you to rename your new rules with a new name. This can please you to have your own name, and be faithful to unknowing players for avoiding their confusion. If you wish for your rules to have a manual, you may create another manual page and document whatever changes you prefer to make.

Special note to those unfamiliar with MP2:

MP2 "Evolution" is a rules-branch whose constitutional manifesto ( specifically guarantees to its players a strictly followed design process that addresses and attempts to repair all the common problems of single-author rulesets and/or changes made by single individuals of varying skill levels and playstyles. When playing an MP2 game, players are guaranteed a safe haven of conformity where best-in-class strictest attempts have been made to fully and accurately document the EXACT rules of the game in the manual. Moreover, MP2's manifesto guarantees to players that those rules have been approved by the strictest Design Process agreed by the original MP2 creators. Any ruleset calling itself MP2 which openly violates the MP2 manifesto is falsely representing itself to players who would not know otherwise, that the ruleset they play is not MP2 and indeed, violates the founding principles on which that ruleset was created.