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Now you can.
Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

Congratulations to the dev-team[]

I've been away from Freeciv for some time, and just browsed to the site to see the new media-wiki layout, BUT looking at the NEWS for the 2.0 release I have to say a hearty congratulations to those on the dev-team. The Feature list is overwhelming, Diplo, Borders, Newbie Level - just fantastic. Who needs payciv?


Why does tentative NEWS not yet mention Isometric view and tileset?[]


For me the new Isometric view and tileset is a cool new feature; I really like it.

Why isn't it mentioned in the tentative NEWS file?



You mean isometric hexagonal view? We already had plain diamond isometric view before.
The hex tileset was added after these NEWS were written and it wasn't updated yet.
Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

Lets do some marketing[]

I think Freeciv is a great game. You are doing a good job. But marketing is essential too. Otherwise, the game will not survive. Whenever a new release comes out, we should emphazise the main key advances since last version. This 'tentative list', as it is, is too technical for players. How will I know if the next version is worthwhile downloading? Perhaps you should make 2 lists, one is this, for developers, the other is for players, describing only 4 or 5 main advances. I refuse to read this list, first because it is too long, second because I understand nothing.

List of new-Version 2.0 features sounds great.[]

Hi ! I'm looking forward eagerly to the X-mas-holiday to check the new 2.0-beta-version. Years ago, I played CTPII very often and so I missed some of its feature (borders, sophisticated diplomacy , visualized trade...), nevertheless I have enjoyed freeciv always. With the new improvements the games reach a new step of development.

Looking fantastic guys.[]

Hi chaps! looks like the game is shaping up verrrry well. One thing I would like to request perhaps is a save and load game function?

changes from rc1[]

I have been following every beta version, and they all had a separate changelog from the previous one. Where is the changelog from RC2 to 2.0 final?

--Barrett9h 06:02, 20 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Answer: There are no changes from RC2 to 2.0 final.