I tried using -

"Good", "Goods", "Traderoute"

in a req and got assert failure at run-time, so I created a ticket -

cazfi commented therein -

While this should be caught at ruleset loading time instead of triggering runtime assert, the doc/README.effects list "City" as the only valid range for "Good" requirement.

So, which is correct, this wiki page, or doc/README.effects?

update - these are cazfi comments in

1) req_from_str() accepts both "City" and "Traderoute" ranges for "Good" requirement when the ruleset is loaded

2) is_goods_type_in_range() does not have implementation for Traderoute range, giving the assert seen in this ticket instead

3) doc/README.effects list only "City" as a supported range.

In S3_0 (d3f) I would say that the correct behavior is what the documentation (README.effects) says -> fix req_from_str()

In later branches we could look in to supporting Traderoute range -> change is_goods_type_in_range() and documentation

So I think doc/README.effects is correct.

  • Ok, then you were right, it's only city-ranged for now. Ihnatus (talk) 15:58, 13 October 2021 (UTC)