Ideas for wonders Edit

Sorry, I don't know where to submit this - maybe someone could put it in the right place - but "Internet" should be included as one of the WorldWonders. It should have some very freaky, fancy effects - such as making a certain amount of people of any nation content, if this nation has a certain tech, reducing the fog of war, occurence of freeciv, etc. An other one could be "greenpeace" putting pressure (unhappy people) on nations that pollute, thus reducing the greenhouse effect. There should also be the possibility to negociate treaties that ban nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. These ABC-weapons should be included into the arsenal - also robot fighting units.

why shall the internet make people content? is it because you are very incontent if you dont have internet? :) my idea would be to boost science.

Please discuss such matters in the Rulesets forum.


i would like to move the content of HOWTO_Create_a_New_Ruleset page to Rulesets and Editing_tilesets to Tilesets. Then expand and rearrange the desciption, generalizing rulesets description (removing 'linux dependancy' etc.), more convinient art-ruleset-linking, and many more

is this ok for you?

I moved Editing tilesets out of tilesets - the reason is that separate manuals are needed for users versus for modders. I don't really think it should be moved back. I think Rulesets should be changed to correspond to this - to tell people how to use existing rulesets - and a new page Editing Rulesets created to explain modding of the rulesets. jdorje 12:59, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)

ok, i will go for that solution. changes will be applied in small pieces in the next few days. --Engel 15:07, 20 Sep 2005 (PDT)