A tileset contains all the sprites loaded by the client. The freeciv client processes the tileset to determine the images of units, cities, buildings, inventions, wonders and much more. There is one main reference file holding many common rules and a collection of references to more specific reference files.


Tilesets come in four topologies:

  • Overhead tilesets, formerly Rectangular, typically contain tiles that are squares, with sides facing north, east, south, and west.
  • Isometric tilesets contain tiles that are lozenges, or diamond-shaped, with sides facing northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest.
  • Hexagonal tilests contain tiles that are hexagons with sides facing northeast, east, southeast, southwest, west, and northwest. Typically a portrait format  (width < height).
  • Isohex tilesets, formally Isometric Hexagonal, contain tiles that are hexagons with sides facing north, northeast, southeast, south, southwest, and northwest. Typically a landscape format  (width > height).

These are the tilesets as packaged in the official release:


  • Trident is a small Overhead tileset.


  • Isotrident is a small Isometric tileset.
  • Amplio2 is a large Isometric tileset.
  • Cimpletoon is a variant of Amplio2 utilizing oriented units.


  • Hex2t tileset is a small Hexagonal tileset.


 i  New in 2.6
  • Hexemplio is a large Isohex tileset.
  • Toonhex is a variant of Hexemplio utilizing Cimpletoon's oriented units.

More Tilesets[]

See More Tilesets that are not shipped with the Official Release.

Anatomy of a Tileset[]

A tileset is composed primarily of spritesheets, their .spec files, and a single .tilespec file. Additionally, a main intro image file and dependent .spec and .tilespec files may be included.

Tilespec File[]

Tilespec Files contain the basic settings of how and in what order a tileset's sprites are to be drawn, along with references to .spec files.

Spec File[]

Spec Files reference individual sprites within a spritesheet. Each .spec file refers only to a single .png format spritesheet.

Spritesheet (.PNG) File[]

Spritesheets are image files that contain a collection of individual images (sprites) arranged in a rectangular grid. Spritesheets must be in .png format.

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How to update a tileset from…

2.2 to 2.32.3 to 2.42.4 to 2.52.5 to 2.62.6 to 3.03.0 to 3.13.1 to 3.23.2 to 3.3