Roadmap: Coding

Current significant features relative to freeciv-3.0: FEATURES-3.1.txt

  • S3_0 branched 02-Jan-17. 3.1 development started at that point.
  • Next milestone: Development snapshots
  • Current estimate of the time difference between S3_0 and S3_1 development is four years
  • S3_0 was branched 02-Jan-17 -> four years later would be 02-Jan-21
  • S3_0 datafile formats were frozen 10-Oct-19 -> four years later would be 10-Oct-23
  • S2_6 network protocol frozen 15-Aug-16 -> S3_0 npf estimated 08-Feb-20 -> four years later would be 08-Feb-24
  • 2.6.0-beta1 released 16-Sep-17 -> 3.0.0-beta1 estimated 16-Mar-21 -> four years later would be 16-Mar-25
  • 2.6.0-final released 21-Jul-18 -> 3.0.0-final estimated 21-Jan-22 -> four years later would be 21-Jan-26

Changes to Development

New strings to use gettext context instead of our own string qualification method

To be clarified.

Next Milestone

Next milestone is to provide development snapshot builds.

Branching of S3_1: Task #656468

Features in Development

Help System Updates for 3.1

Documentation updates for 3.1 (Feature #735242)

Generalized actions

Transition from xxx_Possible effects to Action Enablers

First patches written. Nothing pushed yet.

Gettext contexts

Start transition from our own qualified strings format to use of gettext contexts.


gtk3x-client baseline exist, and compiles against gtk+ 3.94. It does not work at all.

World Object

For many lower level functions we should pass map as a parameter instead of using one global map for everything. Then we could have several map instances for different uses. Also cities and units are part of World Object. Tex AI module needs this.

Tex AI module

Being updated as progress with World Object allows.

Unit transportation rule changes

Ruleset support for preventing use of multiple transports during a turn to get far too fast movement.

Subsurface vision layer

This change is ready

Ruledit: effects editing

First patches gone in

Ruledit: general

It would require some work to make it really usable for people not speaking English (while the tool itself is translated, as well as the rulesets while they are used in the game, ruleset internals are in English - and ruledit needs to handle the internal strings)

Runtime network protocol selection

First patch submitted: Feature #664002
From S3_0: (suggestion: #23283 would be awesome!)

Ruleset item obsolescense

In planning stage.

Gui for generalized extras

Achievement visibility

There would be use-cases for both achievements not announced even to the player gaining them, and achievements announced to multiple players (alliance/world).
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