This is JTN's clearing house of contributed graphics that look suitable to go in the main Freeciv distribution, and selected art requests.

In order for a unit, building etc to actually be added to a standard ruleset, it needs graphics for all tilesets. This requires quite a range of skills (e.g., flat pixel art and 3D modelling), so is likely to need more than one contributor. (Art that doesn't meet this criterion may still end up in sprite sheets for use by modpacks.)

Please don't edit this page. If you have graphics to offer, post to the Art and tilesets forum.


Three styles needed:

  • Amplio2 (=> Hexemplio)
  • Trident (small, isometric) (=> isotrident, hex2t, isophex)
  • Cimpletoon (3D model) (=> Toonhex)
    • Also usable in WebGL freeciv-web?

NExtended has some extra Amplio-style units (start here). There are more units in Amplio style in GriffonSpade's "AmplioHexBig XU" tileset.

Name Amplio Trident Cimpletoon Description Who wants
Quinquireme ngunjaca NExtended
Cog VladimirSlavik Early water freight
Junk ngunjaca VladimirSlavik Asian-style boat NExtended
Steamship VladimirSlavik
VladimirSlavik XYZ (render) Steam-era water freight (paddle steamer) XYZ
Locomotive (Amplio2) VladimirSlavik
Dredger VladimirSlavik VladimirSlavik Modern work boat cazfi, delta2 for variant2 ("Sea Constructor")
Icebreaker VladimirSlavik VladimirSlavik Freight/escort JTN
Container ship VladimirSlavik VladimirSlavik Water freight. Filled/unfilled.
Ancient diplomat ngunjaca NExtended
Trebuchet GriffonSpade
SAM VladimirSlavik
VladimirSlavik XYZ (render) Mobile rocket launcher GriffonSpade
Stationary SAM VladimirSlavik GriffonSpade
M1 Abrams VladimirSlavik Tank GriffonSpade
Missile trailer VladimirSlavik Patriot trailer with/without rocket/cloud GriffonSpade
Mark I Tank Early tank XYZ
Biplane GriffonSpade (XU) Early fighter XYZ
Zeppelin danau Airship XYZ
Dive bomber Early tactical bomber XYZ
Chinook Transport helicopter XYZ
Marksman GriffonSpade (XU) 19th century infantry XYZ
Uhlan GriffonSpade (XU) 19th century cavalry XYZ
B-52 Bomber GriffonSpade (XU) Cold War bomber XYZ
Gotha Bomber WWI Bomber XYZ
Bofors 40mm/Flak 8.8cm WWII anti-aircraft XYZ
Technical pick up truck VladimirSlavik VladimirSlavik XYZ (render) Mobile/Advanced Fanatic XYZ
Samurai Elite Swordsman XYZ
Reconnaissance Balloon Precursor of the Airship? XYZ
Sherman GriffonSpade (XU) Tank
Self-Propelled Gun
Hetzer GriffonSpade (XU) Ambush Tank Destroyer GriffonSpade
Zero Fighter Japanese GriffonSpade
PT Boat VladimirSlavik VladimirSlavik Torpedo boat GriffonSpade
Jet Fighter VladimirSlavik
MiG-15 GriffonSpade
Jet Bomber
Missile Sub VladimirSlavik VladimirSlavik XYZ (render) GriffonSpade
Landing craft River travelling? XYZ
(animals) - - - Anything we can get JTN
Wolf bard


These are by far the hardest work, involving many poorly-documented tileset concepts like blending and matching, to give suitable boundaries with all other terrains.

No 3D needed, but many more 2D variants.

  • Amplio2 (=> Cimpletoon)
  • Hexemplio (=> Toonhex)
  • Trident
  • Isotrident
  • Hex2t
  • Isophex

There are numerous terrains in Hexemplio style in GriffonSpade's "AmplioHexBig XU" tileset.

Name Amplio2 Hexemplio Trident Isotrident Hex2t Isophex Description Who wants
Sea ice Polar water ice JTN
Rolling cloud JTN (alternative to current compass rose / black sea)


These are simpler than terrains, but still basically need a variant for every tileset.

Name Amplio2 Hexemplio Trident Isotrident Hex2t Isophex Description Who wants
Canal GriffonSpade Griffonspade
Engineered waterway variant2
Highway (git) Modern paved road
Bridge GriffonSpade
Extended span over water tile
(railroadbridge or high way)
Tunnel GriffonSpade
Alien World (burrow tube)

Other terrain extras[]

In principle the same set as terrains, but can often get away with a smaller set since they are less dependent on tile size/shape:

  • Amplio2 family
    • Hexemplio
  • Trident family
    • Isotrident
    • Hex2t
    • Isophex

In a pinch, may be able to use a single graphic for all tilesets.

Some buildable extras also benefit from unit activity graphics, but these can be generated fairly mechanically (shrink, add yellow border).

Name Amplio2 Hexemplio Trident Isotrident Hex2t Isophex Description Who wants
Wind farm VladimirSlavik Wind turbines
Sea mine bard
Naval mine bard (civ2civ3)
Oil platform (replacement) More suitable for ocean background JTN
Ruins (replacement) (git) (git) (git) (git) Less intrusive Amplio ruins JTN
Incense bard bard (civc2civ3)
Crab bard Shellfish bard (civc2civ3)
Tea bard bard (civc2civ3)
Marble OGA bard (civc2civ3)
Corn Freecol
bard (civc2civ3)
Cotton Freecol
bard (civc2civ3)
Tobacco Freecol
bard (civc2civ3)
Sugar Freecol
bard (civc2civ3)
Saltpeter (git) (git) (git) aka Niter/Nitre
Aluminum (git) (git) (git)
Uranium GriffonSpade (git) (git) (git)
Elephant (git) (git) (git) (resource, not unit)
Rubber (git) (git)

Buildings and wonders[]

Two formats:

  • Small (Trident etc)
  • Large (Amplio2 etc)
    • Buildings ideally in 3D-rendered style and come with Blender models

(It's also worth noting the existence of ngunjaca's lovely building set from their NExtended mod. Maybe we'll be able to use these one day.)

Name Small Large Description Who wants
Hospital ngunjaca civ2civ3, experimental
Genetic Lab experimental


Just need one square graphic in the style of existing ones (which are stylistically a bit random).

Name Art Description Who wants


Just need one small fixed icon in the 'cartouche' style of existing ones.

Name Art Description Who wants
Fascism bard bard (civ2civ3)