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Setup for builds[]

./ --enable-client=gtk-2.0 --with-libiconv-prefix=/usr --host=mingw32


./ --enable-client=sdl --with-libiconv-prefix=/usr --host=mingw32
  • make clean
  • make CFLAGS='-DDEBUG -g'


  • if you install vi using Cygwin setup, then it installs some dependency files that changes the Cygwin behavior in good ways. For example, you can copy from the cygwin screen
  • create script:
create script in a file
$ chmod +x your-script-name
$ chmod 755 your-script-name
bash your-script-name


  • jeez, I can't believe I am navigating the screen using ijkm keys in the 21st century.
  • Colon to prefix a command, eg :help "word" cntl-D does a search for word in help.
    sav file (saveas) :w (save) :q (quit)

Gnu build[]

This doesn't work:
./ --enable-client=gtk-2.0 --with-libiconv-prefix=/usr/bin --host=mingw32 CPPFLAGS=-mno-cygwin
  • Solved. There is a hack someone put in to request a prior version of automake. This is the code someone put in the
  # This is a kludge to make Gentoo behave and select the 
  # correct version of automake to use.
Comment: I can understand how sometimes hacks can get checked in, but if this is absolutely necessary why not protect it so it will only affect the system type it is necessary for? This cost me a day of my time, partly because I assumed the makefiles were clean, so any problem would have to be my configuration and tools installation.

Makefile options[]

  • Alsa = sound option
  • ESD = another sound option
  • WINMM = ? Window Multi media?
  • SDL = Simple DirectMedia Layer version of the client


  • Conversion notes here