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aka Robin Forlonge Patterson

  • I live in Plimmerton, Porirua City, New Zealand
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is Editor
  • I am male
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When did this site become a Wikia? (Nothing about it in the "news" pages?)

Count 3 news stories down, on the front page. joe 15:04, 15 February 2007 (UTC)
Thanks, Joe. Hima had added it to the news template, 45 minutes after I asked the question, and he told me a few minutes later. --Robin Patterson 12:23, 17 February 2007 (UTC)

Maybe I will be able to play Freeciv one day - but I could happily spend the next 30 years playing Sid Meier games...

Playing Freeciv? - tut, tut!Edit

  • My 12K game, March 2007 - making "good" use of new leisure-time after retirement: played Freeciv nearly every day for 3 months
  • Another burst of Freeciv with v 2.2.5 in July 2011. Tutorial is extremely user-friendly once one learns to check the tabs at the bottom for names that have changed from black to blue or red.

Other strategy gamesEdit

Freeciv 2.5.10Edit

Downloaded, Feb 2018.

First game on Earth (small), with most of my usual settings but "3" for the radius of initial unit placement. Here's the first message screen:

Your Phalanx was bribed by the Turks.
You have made contact with the Thai, ruled by Maha Mongkut.

(Then the expected greetings and ceasefire offer from the Thai, which we happily agreed to.

Note no mention of making contact with the Turks. If the "meet before move" bug is still operating, which seems likely, we will not be able to engage Turks in diplomacy.


First view of map

Build capital in central area to mark out territory.

F3 says we do have contact with the Turks. But we cannot raise a diplomacy screen for them. So the bug remains in full force.

Thai kindly give us an embassy for nothing. Then they agree to swaps so that we both gain six advances beyond our initial 13. We will have to find someone else for Monarchy. Explorer meets Germans, who also give free embassy; two swaps.

Initial territory shows inconsistencies with water tiles: three tiles that are each three steps from the city are in the territory while one that is only two steps away is not.


Turks want peace but we can't raise a diplomacy screen. Koreans give embassy in exchange for The Republic; they have 14 techs, none that we don't have. Current scores (clearly reflecting advances): us 43, Thai 40, German 32, Korean 27, Turkish 26 (as we all were at start).


Dutch give embassy for The Republic. We get Monarchy for Construction. That's all the advance they can give us. Revolution (3 turns of anarchy).


On the second Turk request for cease-fire, we get a diplomacy screen for them! Cease-fire - but they need not expect us to convert it to armistice later... because with such a small territory and delayed development they will be prime takeover target. Their score is 28, ours is 50 (2nd place Thai have 44); Turks have only just built 2 cities and have only 14 advances. Monarchy could help them but they have a lot of desert.

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