OK, so in previous episodes of this sadistic game before the game, I had followed instructions for Cygwin builds using MinGW.

Half way through that, I tried running MSYS which is auto installed as part of MinGW, and got through the config step. That configuration got blown away while attempting to load python which was needed for the make in the utility directory.

Here is were we rejoin our intrepid FreeCiv builder. It has been 9 days and we haven't yet been able to build this puppy. But we are patient.

The approach

We will attempt to build a stable release (freeciv 2.3) from the current svn tree. We will install the most recent MinGW with tools, and otherwise follow instructions on the Install-Windows page, making notes so that we can reproduce instructions for future adventures, or perhaps fix the automakes/ upgrade them to something sensible like CMake.

The install

  • Mingw: mingw-get-inst-20120426
  • Checked compilers C, C++; MSYS, MINGW dev tools
  • loaded over MinGW root
  • Diverge from instructions, no Msys install since already installed. No MSYS Developer Tool Kit install, that killed us last time. Could install it somewhere else then put low in the path, but for now, no install.

Freeciv 2.3 build

The Config, try #1

  • build using MSYS autogen line given.
  1. Passes actools, libtoolize, iconv hurdles
  2. Successfully building makefiles...
  3. Yeah! clean config on first try. Ready to make.

(1st) try build

Dies on no Python, just like yesterday

  • attempting a typical windows python, the 2.5 rev (those in 3.x are purportedly still a wee bit persnickety) python-2.5.msi from
  • set path right by right click on Computer, general tab.advanced settings, click environment variables click Path entry.

(2nd) try build

yay. finished build.

Great. Now all we have to do is set up something that will compile this mess in CMake. Then we can validate builds. After that, we get a linux build machine working using whatever env is most common among the linux contributors.

Freeciv2.4.0 Beta

(1st) try config

Barfed on LibCurl. I built this under CygWin, rebuilding under MSYS, same 727 zip that worked on W64 (see User blog:Phlox/back to square one

  • straight make didn't work like under cygWin, so I did this:
make clean
bash config
make install