Ok, so I made tje sdl client with -DDEBUG -g Followed the same Studio setup as in User blog:Phlox/Visual Studio- WinGDB setup, only change was the exe name Set a breakpoint in dummy's SDL main and stepped down into it. It got pretty far but barfed on the theme. Client.log says

in gui_clear_theme() [themes.c::57]: No gui-sdl theme was found.

Ok, no problem. This was in data\themes directory. Copied that to my test directory and I got the splash screen. Load game had the list of files... There were redraw errors after the selection, and the file did not seem to load because nothing happenned on start. I can checkpoint debug that later. But I could back out and go to Local network game and access a server I had runinng with a loaded game from the cmd line.

It all seemed functional enough- the UI concepts seem a little cluttered and there is missing features. But SDL is obviously whole enough and there were no obvious errors in the build. Odd small screen size.