This morning I figured out my install of automake was just fine, only someone had put in a hack in the autogen script to force a the 1.8 version of automake which means it will barf on other systems..

Ok, so now I figured maybe the 2.4 tree is not so clean so I went to the 2.3 tree.


Autogen was saved with \r's, against project guidelines. Ok cleaned that.

  • Oops, fc_version too.

Those were the only two, but shoot.

Didn't help because the build belches on "Iconv missing" though it is right there in the bin directory next to automake and all the other tools. Must be wrong ver. Crikees!

Day 9

Surely they do validate builds. Yes! Compile-Windows-Authentication documents the setup

Ok, start from scratch reinstall everything according to these instructions. Crap. It is ancient too- broken, inconsistent info:

  1. All the Gettext links were broken.
  2. The Gettext patch file gettext-S2_0-S2_1-2007-08-19.diff refers to a file that doesn't exist in the set of files downloaded to that point: m4/gettext.m4
  3. Broken link for libiconv. Clearly, no one has used this recently, or the gimp server where this stuff was located is just broken today.

Did all steps up to SQL install

Try the recommended line... And???

Blows up, recommending libtoolize installation.


OK, gnu has a recent libtool download, doesn't mention windoze ver, but sourceforge has one here. Downloaded that.

Build- complains no M4 directory. Odd.

Found them in Mingw dir on other test build machine, so something incomplete about the MinGW installation they recommended.

OK, delete MinGW, reinstall everything except use current MinGW.

Using sourceforge latest MinGW install for windows, link

  • checking options C, C++, and MinGW developer toolkit. Nothing else, not Msys or other compilers.

... wish me luck.