Released date: 22 Feburary 2009.



  • The client doesn't crash anymore in leaving a game.
  • Fixed crash with a city at a wrong position.
  • New option windows including chat colors, messages options, global worklists,... and formers pepsettings.
  • Global worklists are now always loaded correclty and never lost by observing.
  • Delayed paradrop and nuke display a special cursor.
  • Auto-caravans have a special sprite.
  • City trade planning can be pre-calculated.
  • Trade routes lines don't change direction on small map anymore.
  • Tile and city infos in warclient messages are clickable as links.
  • Rally points and air patrol target are visible with a cross on the map when you are clicking on the city or the unit with the middle button.
  • Added player colorations modes.
  • Added total buy cost label in city report.
  • Nuke explosions don't freeze the client.
  • Disbanding a unit needs confirmation.
  • Chatline:
    • Pregame and game chat entries are connected.
    • Links are inserted at the current place.
    • Adding a link doesn't select the whole line.
    • Colors are displayed at the right place when there are non-ASCII characters.
  • Double t toggle all colored cities.
  • The audio plugin is switchable at running time.
  • Handle and parse all connections in the metaserver page.
  • Simplified and fixed client metaserver connection.
  • Removed lot of old and ugly code like the .pepsettings file.


  • Player's government and gold are not sent to the client without any contact.
  • Fixed and improved rating system.
  • Fixed connection freezing bug.
  • Fixed /aka bug.
  • Fixed bug allowing vote of idlecut during game.
  • Fixing bug in /remove command causing remove before vote.
  • Global observers now see all (including CMA parameters), but need the new extglobalinfo capability.
  • Global observers can communicate privatly with the dot prefix (like allied chat).
  • New settings: maxtraderoutes, triremestyle.
  • The setting emptyreset also unloads the map and remove created players.
  • New commands: /allow, /disallow, /list allow, /draw, /list capabilities, /list idle, /list votes and /switch.
  • /ban also cuts the connections.
  • /remove is votable in game.
  • Less packets sent when doing /observe or take.
  • The trade routes planning concept is reported to the server, and diplayed to observers.
  • Rally points and air patrol are in server side.
  • Caravans arrival gives revenu is constant for a city (calculated with tiles arround), and is not linked with the tiles we are using at this time.
  • Top 5 cities report uses a random players order.
  • Observing civil war AI is disallowed.
  • The server sends all connection infos to the metaserver.
  • Team name suggestions are in an extrernal text file.
  • Added team voting support.
  • Added freeciv database toolkit.
  • Added salted passwords.
  • Small islands in generator 6/7 are random.
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