Released date: 22 October 2006.



  • Numerous GUI fixes.
  • Simple resizable chat/message window split (optional).
  • Chat links.
  • Middle click shows native coordinates, useful for editing maps with simple text editor.
  • Delayed goto messages are printed only once.
  • Fixed the turns until discovery in science dialog for team games.
  • Incorported empty's username-in-popit idea.
  • A marker is now drawn for chat links. It lives for 2 turns then disappears. If the link is clicked the marker is again redrawn.
  • Chat link insertion shortcut is now ctrl+alt+right mouse button, to stop people with two button mice from crying.
  • City link format is now @F<id>"<name>" so that people without chat links don't cry that they can't understand @I<id> links.
  • Scrolling of the chat window is now controlled by a toggle button "Auto Scroll" that if enabled will automatically scroll the chat window whenever text is inserted.
  • Cities with empty names (or names consisting of only white space), are disallowed by the server.
  • Network status bar works again; it will show results of metaserver query.


  • Improved freeciv logging.
  • /metamessage command now says who used it and without argument it prints the current metamessage string.
  • /start command only notifies everyone once (no more spamming).
  • New access level observer which is given to observers. They can issue even less commands than regular players. No more exploits by observers. If a regular player starts observing, his old access level is remembered, and when he stops observing (detach, take) then it's restored. The exceptions are players with admin or better access level, who retain it even when observing.
  • Access level info renamed to basic.
  • Fix for trademindist and CMA confusion with warserver style traderoutes.
  • Optional extroutes capability for warclients and warservers. If a client has this capability, the server will send a packet_traderoute_info to the client which will be used to change the value of trademindist, traderevenuepct, traderevenuestyle and caravanbonusstyle on the client.
  • Default value for traderoute related settings is now the standard freeciv value (for compatibility with regular clients). If these settings are changed to a non-default value and there are clients without the extroutes capability connected as players, a warning is printed.
  • Added /ignore, /unignore commands (read help).
  • Optional continental team placement - puts teammates on the same continent.
  • Removed duplicate (server prompt) message.