Released date: 9 July 2008.



  • Fixed crash due to a NULL player pointer when saving/loading worklists.
  • Fixed assertion failure due to invalid map coords in location links.
  • Fixed crash due to premature free of traderoute data.
  • Fixed local game hard-coded setting sending before hack.
  • Splited default diplomat action for unit/city.
  • Implemented client diplomacy ignoring.
  • Implemented per-city traderoute drawing toggle.
  • Implemeted sound playing for chat tag patterns.
  • Prevent long lines from resizing window.
  • Removed duplicate Warclient: default chat color pattern.


  • Fixed crash due to recursive server_close_socket_callback().
  • Fixed crash due to an overly strict assertion in finish_processing_request.
  • Fixed assertion when a user requests autoattack when the unit has already orders.
  • Fixed bug causing detached connections to lose vote information.
  • Fixed bug allowing observers with higher than observer access to start players.
  • Fixed bug allowing nopubliclinks bypass.
  • Fixed leader names in nation rulesets.
  • Fixed infinite loop at map generation.
  • Fix the broken team placement.
  • /take command is allowed after game end.
  • /emote command respects ignore lists and spectatorchat.
  • /rulesetdir without arguments replaced by /show ruleset.
  • Only admins and up are allowed to /examine running/incomplete games.
  • Changing allowtake setting requires admin level in pregame.
  • Added /kick command.
  • Implemented experimental connection write data generator.
  • Implemented offline diplomacy patch from longturn.
  • Implemented spectatorchat server setting.
  • Implement idlecut and emptyreset anti-griefing features.
  • Added contrib/daemon SysV init to run civservers in bg.
  • Added ruleset without any available wonder.
  • Muted users may only use the start command.
  • Private messages to a player are not sent to observers.