This version includes change from standard Freeciv 2.0.9. After this version, Warclient-PepClient becomes the motor of the project until it's named Warclient back for 0.9.8 release.

Released date: 14 May 2007.



  • Much improved scrolling behavior in the chat window. Removed auto-scroll button (now superfluous).
  • Added Allies Only toggle button which when activated makes all public messages go to allies.
  • Added local option to disable overview centering.
  • Added warclient help text.
  • Made the player name default to the username in the nation select dialog.
  • Fixed bug with draw_link_marks where invalid pointer was accessed. Storing pointers to tiles in hashmap is a bad idea because the whole map can be freed during the game.
  • Optimization to combat animation, it should be much faster now. However this is at the cost of showing only 2 steps of combat.
  • Delayed goto unit limit behaves in the way it should, pressing y multiple times will tell more units to go somewhere.
  • Move and attack mode for standard goto. Unit will move to destination tile, execute auto attack order, then go to idle state while staying in focus. Meant for killing submarines and blocking fighters. Fighters might run out of fuel as they return to destination goto tile after attacking. This mode can be toggled via warclient menu.
  • Added a menu to city report, so that now a player can sell an improvement from many selected cities at once.
  • Added a button to clear chat links.
  • ADNS fixed.


  • Big clean up for loading, unloading and showing custom maps.
  • Added map generators 4, 5 (from 1.14) and 6 (fair islands).
  • /remove requires ctrl access in pregame.
  • Added /show changed.
  • Added /autoteam command.
  • /endgame vote bug fixed.
  • New types of placement: horizontal and vertical.
  • Server assigns random nation if a player drops during nation select. Team is preserved.
  • Fixed a bug when game couldn't be started when the last player who wasn't ready left or was removed.
  • Iterative team placement algorithm improved.
  • Fixed bug when trade was allowed but clauses didn't appear in the dialog. New packet extgameinfo was added to inform client of the extra settings.
  • Changes to airlifting style, now classic Freeciv behaviour is possible.
  • Superbarbarians patch applied.
  • Only ground units receive 200% bonus in a fort, previously all units did.
  • Warserver settings are saved and stored from savegames.
  • Fixed auto-attack crash.
  • Connection login bug fixed.
  • Unassigned player bug fixed.