This is the first release of the PepClient-PepServer thread. It will be called Warclient again for Warclient 0.9.8.

Released date: 14 May 2007.

WHAT'S CHANGED FROM Warclient 0.9.2Edit


  • Multi-selection unit tool instead replaces mass orders.
  • Multiple delayed goto and airlift queues.
  • Possibiliy to schedule attack without specified tile.
  • Auto-caravans: grant an optimal solution to establish trade routes in your cities.
  • Added menu item to add all cities with airport in airlift queue (ctrl+shift+z).
  • Added spread function.
  • Possibility of executing automatically orders on a game signal.
  • Sleeping units replace the wake up state individually for every unit.
  • The owned unit are on the top of the unit list in city dialog and tile info dialog.
  • Added different cursors for every warclient operation.
  • Added worklist utilities in city report.
  • Uses different colors for allied and enemy cities and units at map overview.
  • Allied chat enabled by default.
  • Added the possibility of save and store game queues (patrol, delayed goto, airlift, etc...).
  • Added default technology goal option.
  • Added button in science report to change technology target according to the technology goal.
  • Players with embassy can access to the technology goal with the intelligence dialog.


  • Added generator 7 (like 6, but with integrated team placement).
  • Added new settings: maxallies, techleakagerate, autosize, techcoststyle and multilinechat.
  • Added exttecheakage capability to handle correctly the cost of the technologies.
  • Added /reset command.
  • Added /requiere command.
  • Added /list rulesets sub-command.
  • /detach bug fixed.
  • Creating AI players requires more than a basic access level.
  • Different default settings to fix the bugs due to the connection to a standard Freeciv server.
  • Players lost in nation select state can choose their nation on reconnecting.
  • Added nowonder-+1.2, warruleset-1.2 and duel rulesets to package.
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