This is the second release of the PepClient-PepServer thread. It will be called Warclient again for Warclient 0.9.8.

Released date: 17 June 2007.

WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE PepClient 0.9.2[]


  • Trade planning calculation improved.
  • Added menu item to see when caravan should arrive.
  • Added sounds support.
  • Features are spread into many menus:
  • Multi-Selection.
  • Delayed Goto.
  • Airlift.
  • Auto Caravan.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • CMA menu bug fixed.
  • Re-activation of pillage popup dialog.
  • Auto-caravans used j instead of h short cuts.


  • Improved map generator 6/7.
  • Added /loadscenarion and /list scenarios.
  • Added history, tournament, warruleset-1.3 and experimental rulesets.
  • Fixed connection notifications when a connection is closed.
  • Added server settings script (data/warserver.serv).
  • Fixed team placement calculation for all topologies.
  • Fixed connection trouble bug.
  • Fixed diplcost bug.
  • Fixed Unassigned player bug.
  • Fixed maxplayers bug.