This is the third and last release of the PepClient-PepServer thread. It will be called Warclient again for Warclient 0.9.8.

Released date: 1 December 2007.

WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE PepClient 0.9.4[]


  • Added sprites for automatic units.
  • Added breaks in delayed goto queues.
  • Fixed moves count of trade planning calculation.
  • Fix the sell bug when you bought in a city this turn.
  • Added distance tool (alt(+shift)+right click and drag).
  • Fixed link mark on game over state.
  • The tab key allows to set focus on the chat.
  • Fixed metaserver list instability.
  • Fixed dynamic settings load and save when observer or detached connection.
  • Auto-caravans switches used tiles of the city when they arrive. Then the caravan generates more gold and science bonus.
  • Fixed short cut conflicts.
  • Added missing chat colors patterns.
  • Added unit link marks.
  • Added new unit default action.
  • Fixed auto-diplomat feature for spies' steal and sabotage functions.
  • Rally points are effective only once.
  • Reduces lag due to:
  • Trade planning calculation.
  • Menu updates.
  • Map drawing.
  • Auto-arrange workers when the city is under CMA control.
  • The chatline is not resized when the client receive a very big line.
  • Airlift, rally point, trade city cursors are not cancelled when a unit moves.
  • Many clean up and miscellaneous crash fixed.


  • New nations available.
  • Fixed range bug for auto-attack.
  • Fixed server crash due ATTRIBUTE_CHUNK_SIZE anarchic change from standard Freeciv.
  • Fixed server bug due to non-tested 'fix' from standard Freeciv.
  • Fixed a bug from standard Freeciv, clients could ask bribe costs of cities and units without any diplomat.
  • Fixed random connection login.
  • Displays on messages the gold cost of revolting cities or bribing.
  • Fixed team placement.
  • Fixed random unit building at end of the turn.
  • A diplomat cannot doesn't get a future tech when the server doesn't find any other one.
  • /autoteam is random and assign players with the ABCCBAACB... order.
  • /help commands displays the commands which require a vote too.
  • Fixed access level bug.
  • Vote system changed (based on connection).
  • Many clean up and miscellaneous crash fixed.
  • Added a 1.14style ruleset.