Webperimental is a Freeciv-web ruleset. It lives in the trunk of Freeciv's SVN tree. The version of Freeciv trunk it came from should be able to use it. Also see Experimental.

This ruleset (draft data for ver. 3.0) is based on Classic ruleset but has some features which were then adopted into Civ2civ3 (e.g. Diplomats available from Alphabet). Some special features include:

  • No ZoCs.
  • No slowinvasions (landing from a ship in general does not nullify mp).
  • Default map generator is "Fair islands".
  • By default, no killstack.
  • By default, each player starts with a Leader unit, which has some properties different from another rulesets.
  • Only one barbarian nation.
  • Enemy units always can get Road ovement bonus, but Railroads are by default restricted.
  • Your Spies can on certain conditions steal gold and maps (random shreads) from enemy cities, or even nuke them.
  • If you are in war or no contact with a player, you can found cities on the player's land.
  • Airlift is highly diverse. E.g. an Airport in a city allows to airlift two units per turn.
  • Electricity removes "fog of war" within your borders.
  • You can hand your unit to an ally, when it is in his/her city (by "Change home city" command).
  • Some wonders work for all the alliance.

More complete list see in README.webperimental.

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