These are some questions to be answered about the differences between the Win32 native and the GTK2 versions of Freeciv:

Why are there two different versions for Windows?

Three actually, you forgot the SDL client. The reason for each client project would be best answered by the authors of each client. The Win32 native client (win32 from now on) is the only one that is specifically for Windows systems. The GTK client is default Freeciv client on all systems. The SDL client is better looking than GTK, but still lacks a lot of functionality.

What are the main differences between the Win32 native and GTK2 versions?

The Win32 client has been unmaintained for quite some time, and even when it was being worked on it never reached the functionality of the GTK client. The only reason anybody would use the Win32 client instead of the GTK client (if the author recalls correctly) is that the GTK client does not work on Windows 9x.

What features are available on one version that are not available on the other?

The GTK client has *a lot* of functionality that is missing from the Win32 client .

Would you recommend either one version for lame users and the other version for power users?

Power users use the GTK client for feature completeness. Some of the more casual players prefer the SDL client for its better looks.

Which one looks nicer? Are there any screen-shots to see the differences and to judge by oneself?

Which one is more stable?

The GTK is most stable than the SDL client.

What do I win or lose by choosing either one of those?

If you didn't know what to choose, wouldn't you prefer to have a recommended one, or let the website randomly choose one for you?

A recommended one is prefered - possibly with details (this one for powerusers because... / this one for lame users because .. )

If you were a lame user and didn't know which one is better for you, would you choose the first one listed or would be scared and not to download anything at all?

I'll get scared and probably download them all, then install all of them and after messing all up, i might give up and look for something else, or, search the forums/call a friend/ask on As a lame/novice user i would like everything in a single pakage, with quick start/setup/etc.

If you were a more advanced user and would like to have more control over your system, which version would you choose, or wouldn't download anything at all, just in case?

I'll choose the most customizable version / updated. The version that gives me most features and is most customizable. But would be nice a single package with quick start/setup and how-to's.
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