Wonders, Multiplayer Ruleset Edit


Wonders are special buildings which enhance a player's civilization. In Multiplayer Ruleset, there are two kinds of Wonders. Great Wonders can be built only by the first nation who makes them. Small Wonders can be built by every player. In Multiplayer, most wonders are Small Wonders. Unless otherwise noted, a Wonder that works on "every city" will only be effective for every city on the same continent. Once built, a Wonder is placed in the city that constructed it, and cannot be sold or destroyed (unless the city is destroyed or conquered). Some Wonders become obsolete by the discovery of a certain technology, and lose their effect. Here all the Wonders are listed, in alphabetical order. Names of Great Wonders are in bold.


Graphics Name Cost Requirement Obsolete by More info
B.asmiths trading co
Adam Smith's Trading Co. Edit
300 Economics None Buildings with 1 upkeep are free, in every city.
B.apollo program
Apollo Program Edit
600 Space Flight None Allows all players to build Spaceship parts.
Colossus Edit
100 Bronze Working Flight Each positive trade tile around the city gets +1 trade point.
  • Obsolete after Flight.
B.copernicus observatory
Copernicus' Observatory Edit
200 Astronomy None Boosts science production by 100% of base level in the city where it is built.
B.cure for cancer
Cure For Cancer Edit
400 Genetic Engineering None +2 happy citizens in all cities of every nation in the world, regardless of military activity. Must have Genetic Engineering to receive the bonus.
B.darwins voyage
Darwin's Voyage Edit
400 Railroad None Gives one immediate technology advance.
B.eiffel tower
Eiffel Tower Edit
100 Steam Engine None Gives 1 unit free of upkeep in every city.
B.great library
Great Library Edit
200 Literacy None Reduces corruption by 50% in every city.
B.great wall
Great Wall Edit
300 Masonry Metallurgy Works as a City Wall in all your cities.
  • Obsolete after Metallurgy.
B.hanging gardens
Hanging Gardens Edit
200 Pottery Railroad Makes 2 content citizens happy in every city. If there are no content, it makes unhappy citizens content.
  • Obsolete after Railroad.
B.hoover dam
Hoover Dam Edit
600 Electronics None Works as a Hydro Plant in every city.
  • Adjacency to river required.
B.isaac newtons college
Isaac Newton's College Edit
400 Theory of Gravity None Boosts science by 100% of base level in cities with a University.
B.js bachs cathedral
J.S. Bach's Cathedral Edit
300 Theology None Forces two unhappy citizens to be content in every city, including those unhappy about military activity
B.king richards crusade
King Richard's Crusade Edit
150 Engineering Robotics Adds +1 shield to every tile around the city where built.
  • Obsolete after Robotics.
B.leonardos workshop
Leonardo's Workshop Edit
300 Invention Automobile 2 obsolete units per turn get upgraded.
  • Obsolete after Automobile.
Lighthouse Edit
200 Map Making Magnetism Gives all sea units +1 extra move point.
  • Requires Ocean terrain.
  • Obsolete after Magnetism.
B.magellans expedition
Magellan's Expedition Edit
400 Navigation None Gives newly produced sea units +1 veteran level.
  • Requires Ocean terrain.
B.manhattan project
Manhattan Project Edit
600 Nuclear Fission None Allows all players with knowledge of Rocketry to build Nuclear units.
B.marco polos embassy
Marco Polo's Embassy Edit
400 Trade None Increases Trade by 40% in all cities on the same continent.
B.michelangelos chapel
Michelangelo's Chapel Edit
300 Monotheism None Works as Cathedral in all cities. (Makes +3 unhappy citizens content.) Theology increases to +4. Communism reduces the effect by -1.
Oracle Edit
100 Mysticism Theology Makes two of your unhappy citizens content in every city with a temple.
  • Obsolete after Theology.
Pyramids Edit
200 Masonry None Allows its city to rapture , regardless of government.
B.seti program
The Internet Edit
600 Computers None Boosts science production in each city with a Research Lab by 100%.
B.shakespeares theatre
Shakespeare's Theatre Edit
200 Medicine None Makes all unhappy citizens content in the city where built.
B.statue of liberty
Statue of Liberty Edit
400 Democracy None Allows choosing any government, even those unresearched, without Anarchy. Allows violating restrictions on Representative governments as if one were Anarchy or absolutist government.
B.sun tzus war academy
Sun Tzu's War Academy Edit
300 Feudalism Mobile Warfare All new land units get +1 veteran level.
  • Obsolete after Mobile Warfare.
B.united nations
United Nations Edit
600 Communism None Restricts every nation no matter what government, as if it had a Senate.
B.womens suffrage
Women's Suffrage Edit
300 Industrialization None Acts as a Police Station in every city, ridding unhappiness caused by 2 military units.

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