Wonders, Multiplayer II Ruleset[]


Wonders are special buildings that enhance your whole civilization. In Multiplayer II, there are several kinds of Wonders:

  • Great Wonders can be built only by the first nation who makes them.
  • Small Wonders can be built once by every player.
  • Civil Wonders powerfully define early characteristics of your national culture. You can build only one Civil Wonder.
  • Tribe Wonders are cheap Small Wonders that expire early. There are no special rules for them; the name only refers to a class of wonders which are are available early, are cheap, and accelerate your nation's early progress (if used well.)

Once built, a Wonder is placed in the city that constructed it, and cannot be sold or destroyed (unless the city is destroyed or conquered). Some Wonders become obsolete by the discovery of a certain technology, and lose their effect. Here all the Wonders are listed, in alphabetical order.

Great Wonders are in bold. Civil Wonders are marked with +. Tribe Wonders are marked with
Graphics Name Cost Build




More info
B.asmiths trading co.png

Adam Smith's Trading Co.

320 Economics None

Buildings with 1 upkeep are free, in every city. Enables Merchant, Farmer, Laborer specialists.


Agōgē of Sparta

90 Bronze Working Gunpowder

+⅓ move to all foot soldiers. (+1 move if they begin their turn in the city with the Agōgē.) +50% attack to Phalanx, Pikemen.

Angkor wat.png

Angkor Wat+

200 Code of Laws, Despotism, Monarchy or Republic Democracy, Theocracy, Communism, Nationalism Cities size 3+ always get tile celebration bonus. All cities gain +1 happy citizen. Work done on Jungle and Swamp tiles is done in half the time. Elephants cost 5 less shields.
  • Only obsolete by switching to incompatible government
Apollo program.png

Apollo Program

600 Space Flight None Allows you to build Spaceship parts and Satellites.
Appian way.png

Appian Way

100 The Wheel Railroad This wonder gives the following National bonuses:
  • Worker-types build roads at twice the speed.
  • All trade routes with 4 or more revenue get a small increase to ongoing revenue.

In the city with Appian Way,

  • Each trade-producing tile that has a road will produce +1 extra trade.
  • Wagons cost 5 shields less.

If not in Foreign territory,

  • Wagons, Chariots, and Foot soldiers gain +⅓ move when starting their turn on a Road.
  • Tile Workers gain +⅓ move.
Chand baori.png

Chand Baori

80 Despotism,

no government tech researched

None Permanent bonuses: All city centers become irrigation sources. Allows you to irrigate diagonally to irrigation sources. Tribesmen never lose the ability to irrigate. The city where it is built gets a permanent well (river) on the city center.

During Despotism only: (1) On Grassland and Plains, workers can Irrigate in two turns and Plant forest faster. On Swamp, can Plant/Cultivate in 4 turns. (2) Tile penalties for food output are eliminated in Chand Baori's home city.


Code of Hammurabi+

130 Alphabet Democracy Gives blueprints for Code of Laws (or Writing if the former is known.) Cities with no Temple get +1 content citizen. In Despotism: (1) reduces base corruption -11% down to 26%. (2) Reduces tile distance corruption from 4% to 3%. (3) Tile corruption penalties eliminated on lowlands tiles.


100 Bronze Working Automobile Each tile with trade around the city gets +1 trade, with extra +1 trade on city center.
  • a trade route from Colossus city gets ~+25% ongoing trade revenue and +40% one-time revenue.

Adjacency to ocean required.

Copernicus observatory2.png

Copernicus' Observatory

100 Astronomy None

Boosts science production by 100% of base level in the city where it is built.

Eiffel tower.png

Eiffel Tower

125 Steam Engine None

1 shield of free unit upkeep in all cities.

The Fusion reactor.png

Fusion Reactor

700 Fusion Power None

Replaces all Power Plants in every city with Fusion Reactor power. (Allows selling all Power Plants for a one time windfall and ongoing savings in upkeep costs.)

Boosts the +50% bonus of both Factory and Mfg. Plant to +90%. Pollution reduction from Recycling Center and Power Plants is upgraded to a higher bonus of a flat -80%.

Gives 1 free unit upkeep to every city in your nation, and 1 extra unit build slot.

Genghis khans equestrian school.png

Genghis Khan's Equestrian School

150 Horseback Riding Mobile Warfare

Gives all mounted units +1 movement (except Cavalry)

  • Barracks I required in city.
Gibraltar fortress2.png

Gibraltar Fortress

330 Metallurgy None

Gives the city it's built in a 3× defense against sea attack. Increases all Coastal Defenses to 2.25× defense. Reduces cost of all new Coastal Defenses by 15 shields.

  • Adjacency to ocean required.
  • Coastal Defense required.
Great wall.png

Great Wall

275 Masonry When any nation has Machine Tools Counts as a City Wall in all your cities.
  • Activates 3 turns after founding a city
  • City must have less than 1/5 foreign citizens before Great Wall protects it.
Hanging gardens.png

Hanging Gardens+

210 Pottery Steam Engine

2 content citizens happy in every city, or 2 unhappy citizens made content. +2 Luxury in home city.

B.hoover dam.png

Hoover Dam

600 Electronics None Counts as a Factory, Hydro Plant, and Mfg. Plant in the city it's built (even before Mfg. Plants are available.)
  • Increases bonus of all Hydro Plants from +20% to +27%
  • Reduces the cost of new Hydro Plants by 5 shields.
  • Supports up to 15 gold in free building upkeep in its city.
  • Adjacency to river required.

The Internet

600 Computers None

Boosts science production in each city with a Research Lab by 100%.

Isaac newtons college.png

Isaac Newton's College

420 Theory of Gravity None

Boosts science by 100% of base level in cities with a University.

Js bachs cathedral.png

J.S. Bach's Cathedral

300 Theology None

Forces two unhappy citizens to be content in every city, including those unhappy about military activity



230 Computers None

Infantry produced with +1 vet level, and odds of promotions increase.

King richards crusade.png

King Richard's Crusade

150 Engineering Robotics Adds +1 shield to every tile around the city where built. Enables extra foot units to be made in a single turn.
Leonardos workshop.png

Leonardo's Workshop

300 Invention Automobile 2 obsolete units per turn get upgraded.


170 Map Making Miniaturization Gives all sea units +2 move points. Increases sea unit vision.
  •  Requires Ocean terrain.
Magellans expedition.png

Magellan's Expedition

400 Navigation None Gives new sea units +1 veteran level.
  •  Requires city next to Ocean terrain.
Magna carta.png

Magna Carta

300 Monarchy None Transforms Monarchy to Constitutional Monarchy.
B.manhattan project.png

Manhattan Project

600 Nuclear Fission None Allows all players with knowledge of Rocketry to build Nuclear units.
Marco polos embassy2.png

Marco Polo's Embassy

400 Trade None

Increases Trade by 40% in all your cities. Can't be destroyed: relocates to a random city when home city is lost.

Mausoleum of halicarnassus.png

Mausoleum of Mausolos+

200 Ceremonial Burial Radio

➤ Counts as half a Courthouse in all cities with no Courthouse or Supreme Court effect.

  • 30% corruption reduction.
  • Tile corruption penalty begins at 4 in Anarchy and Despotism (not 3).
  • 10% bonus vs diplomatic actions and combat (10%)

➤ A Courthouse or City Walls gives each city +1 content citizen, unless unhappy about military activity.

  • Having both the above results in +1 content and 1 happy citizen.

➤ Adds 35% to the cost of bribing your units.

➤ Prevents your cities from being incited to revolt.

➤ Halves the odds of investigating your cities.

Medici bank.png

Medici Bank

300 Banking Fusion Power

Every city with a Bank gets +7% in gold revenue. Also, the shield-to-coinage exchange rate increases by +7%.

Michelangelos chapel.png

Michelangelo's Chapel

300 Monotheism None

Adds +1 happy and +1 forced content to all cities with a Cathedral. In all cities without a Cathedral, it works as Cathedral. 


The Olympics

-- -- -- Reserved for Future implementation.


100 Mysticism Theology Makes two of your unhappy citizens content in every city with a temple.
Pasteur institute.png

Pasteur Institute

400 Microbiology None

+2 happy citizens in all cities of every nation in the world, regardless of military activity. Must have Microbiology to receive the bonus.

Pax dei.png

Pax Dei

115 Philosophy When any nation has


All nations with Philosophy gain a Senate and +2 unhappy about each aggressive military unit. Nations with Monotheism refuse to attack unless defending their own domestic territory.
  • Expires in 13 turns, or by Theocracy in the world.


200 Mathematics None Gives +25% food storage to all cities when founded, or whenever it starves or grows from hitting its grain ceiling. Allows its city to rapture regardless of government.

Roman Colosseum

400 Engineering None Each city with an Amphitheater gets +1 happy citizen and +1 luxury. In all cities, Entertainers add +3 luxury instead of +2.
Shakespeares theatre.png

Shakespeare's Theatre

200 Medicine None

Makes all unhappy citizens content in the city where built.


The Sphinx

70 Despotism Philosophy

In the city where it is built: (1) Loss of tile corruption penalties on all worked tiles, (2) Adds +1 luxury. (3) Reduces corruption by half.

Statue of zeus.png

Statue of Zeus

100 Polytheism Tactics 1 citizen made content about military activity in every city. (if government type has no military discontent, 1 content in every city.) In city where built, +4 free upkeep, +1 happy citizen. Before discovery of The Republic, increases by ⅓ the promotion odds for military units.
  • +1 happiness is never obsolete.
Statue of liberty.png

Statue of Liberty

400 Democracy None

Allows choosing any government, even those unresearched. The normal period of Anarchy is not required, and the nation will maintain its current government during the normal Anarchy period. Allows violating restrictions on Representative governments as if one were Anarchy or absolutist.

B.supreme court.png

Supreme Court

200 Literacy None

Counts as an extra Courthouse in every city, except for odds bonuses against Hostile Diplomatic Actions. (✔️Gives the incite cost bonus of a Courthouse.) Enables the improvement Homeland Security which provides these. See Courthouse, Homeland Security

B.sun tzus war academy.png

Sun Tzu's War Academy

310 Feudalism Mobile Warfare New land units get +1 vet level.
Temple of artemis.png

Temple of Artemis

250 Mysticism Computers

+1 Gold +1 Luxury +1 Prod. +1 Bulb in each city w/ Temple. Recovers the "lost shield" in cities built on +1 shield resources such as Tundra Fur or Grassland Resources.

  • Temple required in city.
Teslas laboratory.png

Tesla's Laboratory

220 Electricity None 1 obsolete unit per turn gets upgraded. Gold cost of unit upgrades receives 20% discount.
United nations.png

United Nations

500 Communism None

(1) Restricts every nation no matter what government, as if it had a Senate. (2) When a nation violates a treaty, gives the whole world casus belli against that nation.

B.darwins voyage.png

Voyage of Darwin

200 Railroad None Each positive trade tile around the city gets +1 trade point.
Womens suffrage.png

Women's Suffrage

300 Industrialization None

Gives +1 happy to every city in Republic and Democracy. Causes +1 unhappy in every foreign Republic or Democracy which does not have Women's Suffrage.



80 Masonry,



Moves production bonus from your Palace to the Ziggurat city. Gains the same corruption reduction and happy bonus effects as capital. Counts as a Granary, Temple, and Barracks. Gives 1.75× defense against all attacks.

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