• May be disbanded in a city to recover 50% of the production cost.
  • Can build roads and railroads.
  • Can build mines on tiles.
  • Can build irrigation on tiles.
  • Can build farmland (if Refrigeration is known).
  • Can build fortresses (if Construction is known).
  • Can clean pollution from tiles.
  • Can clean nuclear fallout from tiles.
  • Can build airbases (if Radio is known).
  • May pillage to destroy infrastructure from tiles.
  • A non-military unit (cannot attack; no martial law).
  • Will never achieve veteran status.

Workers are one of the key units in the game. They can be used to irrigate land, build roads, railroads, fortresses, airbases and mines, and clean up pollution and nuclear fallout.

Settlers, Workers and Engineers may work together to decrease the amount of time required for long projects. If two or more Workers and/or Engineers are both working on the same task in the same square, their efforts will be added together each turn until the task is finished. Be careful not to dedicate too many workers to one task, though; excess effort can be wasted, and a group of Workers, Settlers and/or Engineers is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks.

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